Sump pump question

stallie334April 18, 2013

My question is regarding possible short cycling of my sump pump.

I have a newly built house in an area with a high water table so during construction I had dual sump pump basins installed. In the main basin I have a Zoeller m267 and as my back up in the secondary basin I have a Zoeller m53.

We've had three days of heavy rain so the m267 is running at least 20 times an hour non stop and it empties the basin in less then 10 seconds. I'm concerned the pump is short cycling and its going to burn out.

Does any have an opinion on this? Should I replace it? Will this Zoeller handle that kind of usage?

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Sounds like it might be a little oversize.

How abnormal is "three days of heavy rain" for your area?

The Zoeller 267 appears to be listed as a sewage ejection pump.

Why so heavy duty for a sump pump?]
Is the other pump smaller?

How easy is it top swap them?

20 times an hour for 10 seconds is going to put a load on start windings and it is not going to be submerged much while running for cooling.

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