Question for drbeanie2000 on microwave shelf

KAREN WICKHAMMarch 17, 2013

Drbeanie2000' are your cabinets custom or semi custom ? I was wondering If the cabinet the microwave is in is a custom build. I will be using semi-custom cabinets. Also, did you recess the outlet for the microwave to be able to use the full 12" shelf. Any problems with the microwave? The reviews haven't been very good. I'm not a heavy microwave user, more just for reheating, melting, defrosting.
Thanks for your help

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Sorry for missing this - I'll be able to get back to you soon about the cabinet.

About the microwave - yes, there have been problems. Three weeks after we got it, it died. We went through the "troubleshooting" in the back of the manual, and one of the items was to make sure that the microwave door was shut. Well, it LOOKED shut. But the repair guy said that it was a common problem with these. He had to adjust something so that the door, when shut, engaged in such a way that the microwave acknowledged. It has worked ever since, I must say.

I didn't think we used the microwave much until ours died and we had to wait for the repair guy for quite a while. Then I was thankful we hadn't yet gotten rid of our old clunker.


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Thanks drbeanie2000, I will be looking for your answer on the cabinets.
Thanks again

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The shelf is 14" deep and about 25.5" wide and 12" tall. There's about an inch on each side of the microwave, and about an inch in front of it. We used Elmwood cabinetry, but I honestly don't know if the MW shelf was part of that. I think maybe the cabinet store just had it done by Elmwood. I think we had it be 14" specifically so that that MW would fit in it without sticking out.

I hope that answers your questions!

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Thanks drbeanie2000, This helps me a lot.

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