Dog Parathyroid Tumor

caflowerluverAugust 14, 2014

Has anyone ever had their dog with this kind of disease? My dachshund, Elvira, was just diagnosed with this today. She is about 13 years old and in OK health, except for arthritis. In May she was diagnosed with the beginning of hyperparathyroidism because her blood tests came back as not normal especially the calcium levels. She did not show any of the symptoms. I felt the lump on her neck so brought her in today.

They did a blood panel test and a needle biopsy of the tumor plus exam. And that is just the beginning. They are sending the tests to the lab and won't know the results till some time next week. She will have to have a fasting calcium blood test next week. The vet here is going to talk to the oncologist at another vet practice, where she would have the operation done if that is what they think she needs.

If anyone has gone through this please let me know what your experience was like.
Thank you.

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Must have been some other results showing hyperparathyroidism as elevated calcium can have several causes- the more common ones being lymphoma or other systemic tumors, or a certain rodent toxins. Parathyroid tumors are rare, but are usually removed relatively easily. Hope, actually, that is what your pet has as the other causes tend to be more serious. Good luck.

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Thanks for your reply. I am going to talk to the vet today about the test results.

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