Do dogs get poison ivy?

ilovepocoAugust 20, 2012

I have a Sato rescue, likely a Chihuahua/Terier mix. She has a very short coat and tender soft skin.

We do a lot of long off-leash walks and poison ivy is rampant here in New England in the summer; it's difficult to keep her completely away fom the plant. She develops a rash on her belly that pretty much lasts all summer long. It looks like poison ivy (red, pimply, scaly). She NEVER scratches at it or appears to feel any discomfort.

I plan to bring it up at an upcoming vet visit (I'm curious if it's a staph infection), but was wondering if anyone had ever seen poison ivy in dogs.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

My two terriers don't get it but they often transfer the oils to me when we snuggle. I've had it all over my face before.
We do have PI in our woods and the dogs tramp through it, sometimes lay in it.

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Bumblebeez, that's why I'm questioning whether it's actually poison ivy, or something else... I'm sensitive to the stuff and the dog is a snuggler night and day, and I've never gotten it from her.

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