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Rich_NYMarch 22, 2013

Hi, Long time lurker, just re-did house (Sandy victim). I got my cabinets from Scherr's, due to info from these forums, THANKS, they are awesome. Leon is a pleasure to work with and the White painted cabinets are beautiful. I have an Island with 22" base cabints. We have a 12" overhang on one side (none on other). One end has 11" overhang for seating. My contractor is not comfortable securing the island to the floor with adhesive and wood as I requested. We have tile floors over a concrete slab, with radiant heat (was existing) in the slab, so he cant drill. For safety he wants me to put legs under the Quartz overhang for safety reasons. I don't want it that way. He said if we did it my way, I need to sign a waiver not holding him responsible if there is an accident and it falls. Can people who know what to do PLEASE give me advise. Thanks in advance.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Tough one! We have 2 bars with an overhang, and our contractor is screwing decorative wood braces under them to hold them up. You definitely need something!


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I have read on line that if he adheres wood cleats with builders adhesive, and secures the cabinets to the wood cleats, that it should hold. I was hoping someone here could verify.

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"dheres wood cleats with builders adhesive"

Screw the cleat to the joists and not just the subfloor).

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Picture some bozo deciding to to hop up on the counter or stand up there to change a light. Picture your kid, SO, mother sitting at that overhang when the island goes over.

If your contractor writes the waiver correctly it will have the words INCLUDING DEATH in capital letters. That is how they are written.

Put the legs on.

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Is the radiant heat hydronic or electric? If it's hydronic, you can locate the tubing and avoid drilling into it, so you can mechanically secure the cleats to the floor.

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The heat is hydronic. However the tubes are imbedded in the cement under the tiled floor. There is no way to get to the tubes withour ripping up the floor which isnt an option at this point.

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I had the same problem because my plumber was not supposed to run the radiant heat tubes under my island, but when I came home from work, the tubes were everywhere.

I don't think anything special was done to secure the island. It was near impossible to move before the granite went on (I know because I had it moved about 4" and it took 3 men). With the granite on, its not going anywhere. Hopefully no one will stand on it, but I think it would be fine if they did.

Coincidently, my design choice before encountering this issue was solid ends on the island. Then, just as another preference, I ordered a half moon cut for the overhang side of the counter. I think it does provide extra stability. If you don't like island legs, maybe you can order solid sides:

You could probably create a similiar end piece using beadboard and molding over a more substantial support end.

Good Luck. I know how Sandy wrecked havoc on so many. I was lucky to only have tree damage.

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My overhang is 15" in the center of the island

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