Is it time?

joyce_6333August 26, 2011

Maybe I'm just looking for validation of what I know I need to do. Our Peke is 15, and has been such a good girl. Everyone always says "I never knew Pekes could be so sweet". She always has been a sweetheart, never a nipper, never a barker. Just a great pet.

Well, she has lost bladder control, which at first makes me angry at her. But I know she can't help it. She wets and poops a bit in her sleep, too. She is deaf, and can't see as well as she should. Lately she seems to "get lost". She'll go outside (she has a doggie door)and can't seem to find her way back in. She still gets around, although I can tell she hurts. He legs seem stiff and the front ones in particular seem to stick out to the side which makes walking a bit difficult for her.

Should I try to keep her going? HELP! This is tearing me up pretty good.

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Have you taken her to a vet? You are describing symptoms that may be related to dementia and there are treatments that can be quite effective. In addition, if she hurts she should be on pain relief medications. Your vet can give her a thorough examination and make appropriate recommendations.

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i agree with a vet visit, if you haven't already done that. there are meds that can help with arthritis pain but often, they don't do a whole lot of good if the disease has progressed.

from the other things you describe...the incontinence both urinary and especially the fecal may indicate arthritis in her back to the point where there is significant nerve damage. once that happens, it is not reversible.

i can really sympathize with you. just last thursday, i said good-bye to my 10 year old great dane girl, the love of my life. i know what a hard decision this is but you have to weigh your options. make a list of 10 things she has always enjoyed...if you end up crossing many of these things off the list, perhaps it's time.

it sounds like her quality of life is being compromised. i have always been one to "do it one day too early" rather than one day too late. you have my sympathy, it's a terrible decision to have to make but we do it out of love.

wishing you and your girl the very best.


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Joyce, I am so very sorry, I agree with the others, I would talk to the vet. I think that her quality of life has deteriorated to the point that it may be time to give her a final gift of love. It's so much better to remember the love instead of anger. Bless your heart, Joyce.

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We have a great vet, and she visits him regularly. We've had her on Metacam for pain, and it used to help more than it does now. Talked to the vet this afternoon, and we are taking her over first thing in the morning. DH is worse than me. He doesn't think he can go with me.

Thanks all for your kind words! Blessings back to all of you, too.

She's on the left. Her sister, on the right, was put down 2 years ago.

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they both look SO sweet!

i'm so sorry, joyce. let her see the love in your eyes and hear your soothing voice as she goes to sleep for the last time. this is such a heart wrenching thing to go through but she will finally be at peace and free of her pain.

you WILL see her again!! (((hugs)))

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She's gone. She was having some kind of fit or convulsion last night, so we really knew it was time. House is so quiet without her. She wasn't there to greet us when we came home. People at the vet's office are amazing.


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Beautiful dogs..........they were lucky to have you in their lives!
I know how difficult the loss is for both of you. (((HUGS)))

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big HUUUUGE hugs for you (((((HUGS)))))!!!!!!

i'm so sorry for your loss. run free at the bridge lil girl and if you see a big pretty great dane, that will be ashley. give her a big smoothie for me!

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She is now reunited with her beautiful sister and waiting for you at the bridge, Joyce. I am so sorry for your loss, they were beautiful happy girls, what a wonderful family you created.

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I'm so sorry, Joyce. Many of us here have been through it and can attest that it is such a heartbreaking thing to go through. She had a good life because of the love you gave her. Blessings to you!

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So very sorry. Letting go is always so very hard, my sympathies to you.

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I am soooo sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))

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Joyce, I'm shedding tears for you right now. It is the worst thing we have to do. I'm so sorry for your loss. And yes, you will meet them both at the bridge, I am so sure of that. It IS like losing a family member and I hope you can find it in your heart to give all the love you have for animals to another pet. The ones you lost were so fortunate to have you for their 'Mommy'. Sympathy to you and your family.

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SHE doesn't hurt now, just you. Visit a neighbor or friend with a canine companion and give them some ear scrubs and watch while they enjoy it, and know you did the right thing. Smile through the tears as you see through them what pleasure you gave your girls, how simply happy it makes a dog to have someone to rub their head. When an animal can't enjoy basic pleasures, it's time to say good by.

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So sorry ... such beautiful dogs. They are family members, and often closer to us then some of our human family members. You did the right thing. Big hugs, the silencein the house is the hardest part.

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I am so sorry. Tears are rolling here as I remember having to let go of my old lab last memorial day. Cant believe more than a year has gone. Willie took a peice of my heart with him. Just remember you gave her the best gift ever- a gentle passing.
Sending hugs your way.

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Very sorry for your loss.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

So sorry for your loss. She and her sister were beautiful.

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She is with her sister now. I'm sorry........I know how you feel. They were beautiful.

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So sorry to hear the news. She's with her sister and both will "see" you one day.

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I am so sorry for you loss. I had to do the same thing on Monday with Mocha. We will see them again someday I am sure of it. I know what you mean about the quietness. My hope for us is that maybe a little bit each day, when we find reminders of them, instead of tears we will find smiles. Hopefully we get to the place that all that is left are the smiles and memories of how blessed we were to have known them.

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I think I may have something to make you feel a little better...I hope. It helped me when we lost our first peke. She wasn't in any pain, but did have dementia at age 18. About 2 months after her death I found an amazing Christmas ornament that looked just like her. A fawn peke with a black mask with a halo over her head. My daughter and I still get teary eyed when we hang it on the tree every year. (12 years now.) My sister-in-law lost her black and white cocker spaniel right before Christmas last year and I found her dog in ornament form too. If you want to look at one google pekingese ornament and you should find it. Hope this helps.

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