How to befriend a scared skiddish cat in your home

phish_gwAugust 30, 2011

As I mentioned in another post, we found a lost cat. My first goal is to get him to his rightful home/owner.

If he doesn't have a home/owner, I would consider adopting him. The problem is he is extremely skiddish, scared, shy. I have him locked in a room with food water and litter and I think he is scared to even eat much in fear that big bad me will come in and do I don't know what to him. How can I get him to feel comfortable in my home?

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Time ... and patience. Go about your normal routine, go in and out of the room and ignore him. Put some really stinky food out that he can't resist ... like tuna!

Give him some time, and then spend time in the room calmly reading ... don't force the issue. Just be in the room and ignore him.

He'll eventually get used to your presence .. and then you can slowly go from there.

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Try NOT to make direct eye contact. One thing I have done successfully is to keep them in my peripheral vision. If we do make direct eye contact, I will close my eyes gently. For some reason they seemed to not mind me "looking" so much this way. Once he will eat in front of you try moving the dish closer each feeding time to you while you read or just sit looking somewhere else. Turkey or chicken broth canned babyfood by Beechnut or Gerber is nearly irresistable to cats. That on a spoon coaxed my feral kittens in to me. I also recommend lots of time spent reading aloud to them unconnected to feeding. Luck!

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