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barrybudApril 17, 2011

Hi, Sorry for the novel!!

Our well water has a PH of 5.5 hardness of 7 and TDS of 135. I was using a chemical feed pump to adjust the PH and it was marginally working even with the pump on max flow of solution. So I went looking for a new neutralizer and non-salt softener and I couldn't find any certified non-salt products out there. (though I recently found a Pelican system, but I am still not sure how they soften the water) So we ended up with an acid neutralizer that uses Crystal 7 and a Kinetico 2030 softener. Well I thought the new set up was working great and I kind of like the slippery feeling. The wife on the other hand cant stand it to the point that she said she would go shower somewhere else because it felt like she could not get the shampoo/conditioner out of her long hair. She insisted that there has to be something wrong.

I tested the water the the PH is at 7.8 which is a little high, but better for the metal parts of the plumbing. I called the company that installed the system. He suggested that this was coming from the high PH and that we may have to switch to crystal 5(in 6 months or so when I have to refill the neutralizer tank). Reading many post it seems that the slippery feeling is from the salt used to soften, not the PH. Which is correct?

His temporary fix was to crack open the bypass and allow a small amount of the raw water to mix with the treated. Well the smarter husbands out there know that a happy wife = a happy life so I did as suggested and the slippery factor is down. I also have some of the hardness back in the system. This is not an acceptable long term solution. Should I have him pull the Kinetico out? Would a change in the disk that regulates the softening help?



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The change to softened water will take an adjustment period and you need to cut down the amount of soap and detergent and shampoo you're using and that takes time.

Our minds are programmed to apply the amount of shampoo and soap we're used to using and we measure the amount by reflex.

The slippery feeling is not from the salt it is because ... click here

Some people soften only their hot water and some people install bleeder valves or crack open the bypass to bleed hard water into their soft water but shouldn'y you have soft (ZERO hardness) water if you're paying for it.

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Your wife is right. There is something wrong. She's using too much shampoo and conditioner -- probably the same amount she used to use but with soft water that would be MANY times overdose.

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Agree with prior posts. Ten years ago I moved into a house with a well from city water, needed a softener and had the same issue. Took a while to get used to it. There is likely nothing wrong. As already stated, the good news is you will use a lot less soap/shampoo/laundry detergent, etc. I am guessing if it isn't already written on the labels of the soap products you use, you can get usage rates by water softness from the products' web sites.

Your tap water should also taste a lot better. Probably no need to buy bottled water.

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"I am guessing if it isn't already written on the labels of the soap products you use, you can get usage rates by water softness from the products' web sites."

I would that that were true. My personal favorite is the Cascade Complete powder that I use in my DW. Printed right on the box it says: "For best results fill both the pre-wash and the main wash cups completely." With my soft water that's something like a 4-6x overdose.

I encourage people with soft water to diligently IGNORE what it says on product packages. They just want you to use more of their product -- as opposed to what's really needed for your water quality.

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Asolo, I have seen these tables before, but it has been a while. It does make business sense that the manufacturer not provide them.

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