Aquasana Whole House Water Filtration

BarkowApril 22, 2011

We are considering installing a Aquasana system in our home. Is there anyone who has this system in their home? Do you think it was a good investment? Or are there others who have heard pros or cons about the system?

Thank you

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What are your water conditions? What water terst results do you have? What other systems or technologies have you looked at?

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This system has KDF filter media in the top, which is exceptional for low H2S removal, heavy metals removal, it converts chlorine to a chloride also. This media has Copper and Zinc which act as a cathode and anode which introduces a small electrical charge and kills bacteria. The zinc is sacrificial so the KDF has to be replaced eventually depending on water chemistry and usage. They say 3-6 yrs. This system is designed to keep the KDF fluidized (up flow) so it does not solidify and restrict flow. The carbon will help as a polishing agent and remove some things the KDF does not. The KDF is regenerated with sodium so with this system there is no way to backwash or regenerate the media. In a well water application I would expect a very short lifespan for this system (2-3yrs at best) depending on iron content, H2S, heavy metals, etc. I would recommend this as a polishing filter post softener for better performance and longevity.

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