17 year old kitty has seizures... any hope?

belladomAugust 22, 2014

My cat of 17 years has had five seizures I know of in the last two days... Has anyone had this with their cat and they lived a good life awhile longer? Her vitals, blood work are all good, but she probably has a brain tumor or something else going on in the brain, the vet says. I've started pheno barbital, anti-seizure medicine and another medicine to reduce swelling in the brain should something be in there.

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I'm so sorry.

My experience with putting a cat on pheno-barbitol was many years ago, & he was a zombie until I stopped giving it to him.

At 17, with the probability of a brain tumor or other brain problem, & 5 seizures within 2 days, I think it's time to give her an easy out.

Her quality of life is already gone.

Again, I'm so sorry.

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Yes, now after a few doses she's walking in circles, sleeps and walks in circles... So I guess that means this is it? It seems wrong since she still is aware.... eats... but then again she can't go to the bathroom well, and do much of anything.... very sad.... I guess this is the time then...

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I'm sorry.

You might read the other threads on this forum about end-of-life decisions.

Making sure that our pets don't suffer is not a "choice" for pet-owners;
it's a responsibility.

At the end of a pet's life, it's our job to see to it, if humanly possible, that our pets don't endure pain or misery.

Animals are stoic;
by the time we can see signs of pain or confusion, the pet has been having those problems for some time & has just become too weak or is in too much pain to mask the symptoms.

At this point, her *quality* of life is gone;
if you wait until she can't walk or can't eat or doesn't seem aware, you will have waited much too long.

Again, I am sorry, & bless you for caring for her.

sending you & your beloved kitty thoughts for strength & for peace.

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I don't want to wait too long... but the vet now tells me the anti seizure drug takes about 2 weeks of getting used to and then they are not dazed and confused, while the underlying issue will continue so not sure how much longer she has, though at 17 probably not long... vet says as long as she's eating and not having seizures it might be worth waiting it out the 2 weeks, but he adds euthanasia is a reasonable alternative at this point too....

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Just to check, you haven't just given her a new topical treatment such as Frontline have you? Can cause seizures, and it did in my cat, which went away as soon as it wore off and we discontinued it.

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no topical treatment, no Frontline... maybe that or advantage about a year ago... lately just use a flea comb and spray cedarcide on pets and carpets... seems to keep them at bay...

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I would be highly suspicious of the cedarcide. Your elderly cat could be reacting to the cedar even though the company claims it's non-toxic. Google 'cats &cedarcide' and you'll find reports of severe reactions to it.

If you have a Cat Clinic in your area I would seek a second opinion.

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Annz: That worried me so I contacted 2 vets who doubted the cedar oil and cedarcide (the company) could cause my cat to seizure, but recommended I call the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) and for a fee of $65, they checked, the company was on their database, and they said cedar oil and the company were perfectly fine for cats.... so feel better about that anyway....

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Your cat is 17 years old. Put the cat down. Now.

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