Doing propane oven connection - easy, safe or hire a plumber?

jim_w_nyApril 20, 2009

I've done a fair amount of plumbing but never for propane. Probably easy but what should I be careful about?

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Proper connections, no leaks, setting regulator correct and explosions is what I would be careful about.

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If you have the tools, can follow the instructions. Then no problem.

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Ron Natalie

Are we talking about connecting up a new oven to a place that is already plumbed for gas? If so, that's just a matter of making sure that things are compatible (pressure is right, that the oven is set up for LP) and checking for leaks.

If you're talking about running completely new piping, you may need more education. Gas is different than water. There's different requirements for what material you can use, placement of regulators, drip loops, provision for future connections, etc... Not saying you can't do it, it's easier than most water and waste pipe, but the knowledge of how to lay things out is more specialized.

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It's a new gas oven. That is if we choose to go with gas rather than electric. The old oven was electric. Mice did that one in.

Anyway I would need to cut a hole in the floor, connect a copper pipe to say the connection to the dryer and then do the connection to the oven. Looking at that connection there are several unfamiliar pieces at the end of the pipe. What are they? I suppose a visit to the hardware store would clear that up.

My wife is leaning toward a gas oven because they are cheaper. But I'm thinking the space is already wired, I would need a new propane tank for my what ever you call the tool used for sweating a copper fitting, plus a length of copper tubing and of course the time to do it. Then you have some small danger in doing the job.

The more I think about it the more I think stay with electric. Propane is apt to more expensive in the future.

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Generally plumber service is run by a licensed plumber and master plumber. A master plumber is licensed professional he installs and repairs all kind of commercial and residential plumbing systems. He is specialized in design new Plumbing systems and repairs. He can lead the installation team and guide on plumbing problems to team. Once completed the new system constructed, he might perform detailed inspection to make sure that new constructed system is work properly or not and that it complies with local plumbing codes.
Licensed Plumber:
Whenever want to hire a contractor (plumbing) for your plumbing repair, you need to give first priority to licensed plumbers, because they have good experience and knowledge on plumbing issues. These plumbers are having all rights to handle and they can perform on minor and major plumbing issues. A licensed plumberâÂÂs service is covered by reliable insurance on their plumbing work mistakes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hire a Plumber

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Those fitting on the end of the pipe are flare fittings. You need a special tool to install them. Even if you have the tool, it takes much practice to get the flares the to seal.
You should call a plumber for this part of the work. He will also be able to determine if the gas line supplying the dryer is large enough to also supply your oven.

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The only copper allowed in gas piping is the flex line between the shutoff and the appliance, and that line cannot be run through a floor or wall. Also, as joed pointed out, you need to determine if your gas lines are large enough to support the additional demand of the stove.

What tim45x10 said, and remember that propane is not very forgiving of mistakes.

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In Ontario, copper is allowed everywhere, EXCEPT as a flex line between the shut-off and appliance. Here, you need a proper flexable appliance line between appliance and shut-off. The copper has to be clearly marked with yellow tape or the word PROPANE, every 6 feet.

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There are a lot of things in life that I am comfortable learning through trial and error. Proper installation of gas lines isn't one of them.

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You also have to ensure the oven's set up for propane, rather than natural gas. It's not as simple as running from your dryer, usually there's a central point your gas runs from. Some places may allow you to use the new flexible stainless line, rather than black iron.

Running a stove shouldn't be that expensive compared to a furnace on propane - gas is nicer to cook on.

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I wouldn't run the gas line from the dryer, I would run the gas line from the point where the gas line comes in the building. This is generally the largest line, the dryer line does not have the capacity to handle the additional load of a gas stove. As said before, installing gas lines is a job for a plumber, who will test the lines and make sure that they are sealed properly. Too many homes have been destroyed by gas leaks from improperly installed gas lines.

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