Water heater recommendations

jasperdogApril 10, 2013

We are rebuilding from the foundation up. We need to decide on a water heater. Most of the information I am seeing on line is at least 5 years old and I would like to think there have been inprovements in technology with in the last 5 years.

We have a 4000 sq ft home with 2 full baths, 1 three quarter bath, 1 half bath, and the usual assortment of appliances. Since this is basically new construction the cost with replacing an old water heater does not apply. The majority of the time there will be 2 adults.

We live in a cold climate with winter incoming water temperature as low as the mid 30s. The largest water usage would be a 75 gal bathtub. Due to the design of the house the water heater will be centrally located, but runs to the master bath and the half bath are approximately 50 ft.

My main concern is being able to run 1 shower and one water using appliance at the same time, or two showeres at the same time when we have more people staying. The other concern is adequate sizing to fill the tub.

I am looking for recommendations of what type of system to get since this is new construction, and what size. Venting will be directly out the wall adjacent to the water heater. The plumber is fond of Rheem. We have no preference other than a system that is reliable and will provide us with adequate hot water.

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Are you talking a gas tank water heater? or a gas tankless water heater? or are open to either?

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I am open to either option. I have read extensively on the internet and it's obvious there is no one perfect solution. I've learned just enough information to be more confused than I was before I ever began researching. Tank vs tankless. Condensing vs noncondensing. Power vent or no power vent. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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My home sounds somewhat similar to yours, a large home (mine is 3676 s.f.), the house was plumbed with two water heaters, one at either end of the home (the home is rectangular 2-story). One tankless services the 3 baths (3 showers and 1 jacuzzi tub), the other services the kitchen, laundry room and 1/2 bath.

I think whoever setup the plumbing in my house was smart in what they did. I don't see how one water heater is feasible with such a large home.

I'm a big fan of tankless water heaters. I converted one of the tanked water heaters (natural gas) to a Noritz gas tankless water heater about 4 years ago and love it plus my gas bill went WAY down. This tankless is servicing the showers and jetted tub and does a great job. It's a 199,900 BTU unit.

I'm about to convert the other water heater to tankless as well. I love the idea of the water heaters doing absolutely nothing (not using any energy) when no one is using hot water. I live in a cold climate and the water heaters have to work 24x7 to keep the tank hot, it is cold in the house during the day when no one is home plus the tank water heater I'm about to replace is in the garage where it is cold year round so think how much energy it uses.

If you are at all open to entertaining two water heaters make sure and find out if the gas meter is sized to handle them plus whatever else you have on natural gas (e.g., furnace, stove/oven, clothes dryer, fireplace insert).

I know people will say tankless unit plus install cost is high and you can keep replacing tank units since they need replacing every x number of years but I like the idea of dealing with the upfront cost then have a low natural gas bill for years.

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