Pee-resistant doormat?

alisonnAugust 6, 2012

Short question: Realized cat has been peeing on the doormat OUTSIDE the door. After I clean the area with vinegar (other suggestions?), I'm thinking that maybe there is a doormat out there that won't feel so welcoming on kitty feet. Any ideas?

Longer clarification: Yes--cat has been to the vet numerous times, went from indoor cat several years ago to an outdoor cat. She also like to take a poop on the deck on occasion. She is allowed supervised visits in the family room with us and sleeps in a huge cage indoors at night. We have 2.17 acres for her to use as a toilet, but I guess she likes to do her business close to home.

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It's possible there's another cat in the neighborhood leaving its mark, but try cleaning it with an enzyme made for cat urine. Vinegar does nothing to remove the odor cats can smell.

I would treat the area all around and under, the doormat then buy a new mat.

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annz could be right. Have you actually seen your cat doing the business on the mat or deck?

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Its always recommended to keep your cat indoors. Especially if you have that much property, cats make great snacks for hawks and other country critters. If shes not fixed and goes into heat, other male cats will mark your door also.

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