Well pressure tank

olddawgApril 3, 2011

I've had few minor issues with the pressure tank this winter.

First the relief valve let loose and I replaced it and adjusted my cut-off pressure down a tad.

Now it just drips and I figure I don't have the cut-in setting right (loss of pressure before well starts back up).

I did depress the air the valve on the top of the tank to check for water (saw none) and did the old 'tap on the side of the tank' checking for water level.

Seems good.

Today I'm heading down there to drain the tank, check the air pressure and adjust the tank and pressure switch as necessary.

Any other thoughts?

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4 hours of messing with this thing, I finally gave up and went to my local 'warehouse' style lumber lumber yard and bought a new pressure switch.

$27 and 30 minutes later, life is good again!
Yes I bought a new gauge, since I was banging on the thing to get it to move....

Now just to stop that relief valve from dripping...

Probably just need to remove and flush it, since I replaced it last month.

There was 'so much' crud filled into the pipe to the pressure switch, no wonder it wasn't working right.

Thank God I have the new filtering system up and running (new 2 years ago).
Don't wish to think what's been happening to all the other appliances I have here.

Oh the joys of home ownership and living in the country!

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Instead of removing the relief valve to flush it, you can probably manually open it for a second or so to rinse it out.

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