top mount on granite?

ardcpMarch 17, 2014

i know it sounds a little crazy but i have a top mount now and like it, i am hard on my sink and find during washing i whack the pots going in and out of the sink(i am slightly clumsy) i don't have an issue with the "gunk" at the seam as i don't see any and ignorance is bliss, and am very concerned with the posts i am seeing about chipping edges at the sink and under mounts pulling away. and with my small 33" sink base, i can get a larger top mount than under and bigger is better for sink space.
did anyone else go this route? could you post pics? i love the looks of the kohler vault or the drop in silgranite sinks

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It's whatever floats yer boat, but you may want to consider what the person who may be buying your home someday might want and I'll bet it's an undermount.

If you have a 1/2" radius at your sink edge and install your sink mechanically with a Hercules Universal Sink Harness your chipping and pulling-away fears should be gone.

A chipped granite edge can be repaired; a chip in a drop-in Silegranite, not so much.

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We're going with a top mount. Same as you, we're aiming for a an approx 33" sink base to maximize cabinets elsewhere. We had a top mount sink of that size in our last place, and I liked it well enough (but it was enamel over cast iron, and it chipped... stainless this time around, I think.)

For what's it's worth on the gunk issue, when we moved to our current place and demoed the kitchen, we removed a 40+ year old top mount cast iron sink. The amount of gunk under the rim was very minimal except in one corner where the laminate was rotted and had sunk a bit, leaving a gap at the rim there.

Looking at a sampling of listings of homes for sale in my area just now, the split on top mount / undermount for places described as "move in" condition is about 60/40 and seems uncorrelated to how pretty or useful the kitchen looks overall. (Your area could be different.)

Curious to know if I'm an outlier on this.

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(Raises hand.) Outlier here with double bowl drop in stainless. Read the reports of delamination failures and realize that gravity works FOR you with a drop in and works AGAINST you with an undermount. The dirtiest seams I've seen are undermounts when the silicone delaminates. Silicone does not adhere to cured silicone, and once unfinished underside of stone is siliconed once, it cannot ever be totally cleaned of silicone for a re-seal, thus any re-seals are weaker. In addition, any bio-films that develop in a failed seal on the underside of unfinished stone leave a bio-film residue like slime in a sponge, this can never be completely cleaned, either, it will alway be in the stone matrix, waiting to bloom next time moisture wicks into the stone. In addition, if I ever want to trade out my STANDARD SIZE AND SHAPE sink, I can choose single, double, split, stainless, faux granite, porcelain sinks, ALL AVAILABLE TO FIT MY HOLE, unlike undermounts, where you now get to buy not only a new funky shaped sink but also ALL NEW STONE TO FIT THE HOLE. So yeah, some of us are not snowed by the "you can wipe crumbs over the edge" argument. Just google "undermount sink problems" and read around a bit. Sure, they sell harnesses, etc. But any engineer will tell you that it's always better to get gravity to work for you, and not try to work against it! You also lose effective depth in an undermount, causing you to bend over further for the same effective depth in a sink, due to a sunken seam in the undermounts. (i.e., the "top" edge of your sink is at the bottom of the deck in an undermount, whereas it is ABOVE deck level in a drop in) Some of us rate function above fashion, still!

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glad to see such a logical argument against under mount. i don't care about wiping crumbs into the sink because i don't have nor do i want a disposal. surprisingly finding a top mount not in stainless that fits a 33" sink base isn't as easy as i thought. the silgranite sinks require a 36" base which is a bummer since they are really pretty!

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To throw in another option, we installed our SS apron sink flush mounted and love it. We mocked up a sink at that depth under-mounted and found it too low for both of us. Flush mounting gave us another inch in height while allowing the looks of the sink we wanted. We can still swipe crumbs into the sink since it is level with the counter. Have had it installed six months and no problem with gunk yet. If it becomes a problem, the 1/16" silicone caulk at the edge is very easy to replace.

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I also chose to drop in the sink in our newly remodeled kitchen. I like the way the deck looks and didn't want the added depth undermounting would add.

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My SIL redid her kitchen with a 10 1/2" deep undermount, so bottom of sink is over a foot down.
I'm only 5'2", but when I'm at her house and help with the prep and clean-up, my back aches after. It's like washing up on the top shelf of your base cabinet.
I personally like the apron sinks. The front reach is less and it's fully supported on the base cabinet below. It can be installed flush with the countertop (with a bead of silicone), so you can still scoop crumbs into the sink.

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My logic pretty much followed that of beautybutdebtfree, so we have 2 top mount ss sinks on our kitchen granite. Also, DH washes the pots & pans, some of which are heavy, and I didn't want to have to worry about him chipping the edges of the granite.

We built a very nice house, and included several things to make it more attractive for resale. But if someone decides not to buy it because of the top mounted sinks, they will be missing out on a house with many great features that someone else will be happy to have.


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fishymom- glad to hear you like top mount too. i love your sink! is it silgranite? i am in love with the silgranite top mount but they require a 36" base according to the website and i only have 33"(already ordered, knew it would eliminate a lot of sinks but going to 36" and centering under the window would have cost me 3" of drawer space in a small footprint)
jimanddanne-mi- i love the apron front too but i need a reg base for the trash pullout so i gave up on the apron front idea

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Ardcp, my sink is a Silgranit Super Single and it is huge, much bigger than I really need! I don't know if you have seen this one, but they make a double bowl that fits a 33" cabinet, here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: BLANCO DIAMOND⢠1-1/2 Bowl

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fishymom-i didn't catch that one, thanks. i have a pullout trash under the right side of the sink that i plan to install in the new sink so i was trying to avoid a drain on the right but that is a cool sink. i may have to take a chance!

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

Have you looked at the Blanco Diamond series? It looks to me like they will fit in a 33" cabinet.

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junco- that's what i thought too but the single sink requires a 36" base. i was totally against going to a double but i like the 1 3/4 diamond sink by blanco. i really like my single now because i can soak 9x13 pans in it. anyone know if that is possible in a blanco double?

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This lady forked out about $2000 to have her undermount sink fixed. And look at what that sink was growing underneath!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone pros thread on fixing failed undermount

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so gross! with my luck that would be me which is why i am completely sold on the top mount. i saw a post online that someone had their composite sink crack and the whole counter had to be removed to get the sink out. if a top mount has a leak, its an easy swap out!

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