Drapery help needed...opinions/suggestions/pics?

lukkiirishMarch 27, 2011

I've been struggling with this problem for weeks and am hopeful someone in the forum can help.

Our living room is long and narrow with a 57x57 window in the front & a sliding glass door in the back.

We have a leather looking sectional in a deep chocolate brown on order and the look I'm going for is light, airy and unfussy (inspiration photo below). In addition to the drapes, I'm also interested in having some sheers up to help with glare and that fish bowl feeling I tend to get. And that's where my problem lies.

I've found two sets of draperies at Ikea, both in Ivory. The first are some back tabs in a textured linen looking fabric. If I went with this style, and used a double rod, would ring clips be the only option for the sheers that would look right? Or do you think there are other options I could go with? Keep in mind the pole pocket is out since they have to be able to open and close easily.

The second set has Grommets but the fabric is just a simple cotton with no texture. Sort of like the drop cloths from Lowe's. They hang very pretty though, just a little more plain. I'm not sure how to hang a sheer with these at all. Would a double rod even work or would the best option be to just get sheers with grommets as well and hang them layered side by side on the same rod? Sort of like the first picture below. I like this ok, but just ok as in it's more of a compromise and not really the look I'm going for.

I've found sheers for every possible scenario, back tab, pinch pleat and grommet, all in fabrics that would coordinate well with both the drapes. I'm just not sure which style would work the best and not look hokey at the same time. Any thoughts or ideas would really be appreciated!! Help!!!!

Compromise I'm not 100% on board with:

This is the look I really want, but without using the rod pocket. I think this look can also be accomplished with the back tab curtains too.

Again any help is appreciated and I would love to see your draperies if you have photos available!!! Thanks so much!

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Hi there, I just wanted to let you know a little more about how I made my decision with my sheers. I told you on my post about trying out different ways, but I didn't mention that every other option (besides rod pockets) would drag on the front drapes for me. And that drove me nuts. But that could have just been the spacing on the type of brackets I have. The rod pockets I have are about 3" deep & on 5/8" rods, they slide very smoothly. Also, I hand sewed a stablizing stitch along the top edge to control the gathers, so they would always look neat/distributed evenly.

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Thanks, Charley that does help.

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I like both the looks you've shown but the only concern for me is the amount of space between the two, if you use the two rod system, and how it will open and close. Can't wait to see what you decide on.

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Thanks GreatGollyMolly, I am assuming you're talking about the Grommets because they open with fabric behind the rod. That's one reason why I'm thinking the sheers would have to go on the same rod if I went with that style.
Anyone else?

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I've always considered the "drapes and sheers on the same rod" look to be a merchandising device - a simple way for stores to show how they would look together, not intended for use in the home. Traditionally, sheers have sat behind the drapes, but maybe this is a new trend that solves the privacy issue without the expense and work of mounting multiple rods. I think this is something worth trying if both the drapes and the sheers have grommots and the grommots are the same size and color.

In the alternative, you could do separate short rods on either side of the window for the drapes and then a single rod across the window for the sheers.

Can you post a link to the grommeted sheers?

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thanks for your response Graywings! I used to think that too about the Grommet drapes but then got to thinking, I could close them all the way for privacy, the sheers would just close tightly together in the middle for privacy or I could open them completely too and it would still look ok.

I found the above photo at JCP and have that link posted below. Also here's the link to all their grommet drapes, several of which they've doubled up the fabric colors.


These are the drapes I would match the white sheers with:


They're plain looking in the picture but a much nicer color and at 57 inches much fuller in person too.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to sheers shown above

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Ok Lukkirish I think you have your first client here as a personal decorator. I know the next stage after furniture purchase is getting on that topic of taking my sconces down flanking the sliding doors I have (hope you remember my pics and post of redoing my living room with corner fireplace). Someone mocked up putting curtains. I definitely foresee textured linen type warm tan panels with possibly sheers to pull for privacy in the middle as you posted exactly. Ive never seen the Ikea ones in person but assuming you liked the beige color with white sheers. I think it would be beautiful. Let me know. Do you realize how much leg work and time you will save me when you figure this one out!!! I have little ones at home and shopping does not come easy especially window tx shopping. Thanks.

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Blondie!! I do remember. I offered to help you shop online for furniture or something right? Did you finally decide on something? If so what?

Are you talking about the Grommet panels or the Back Tab panels?

Do you have an IKEA by you? If not I think either can be ordered online. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the back tab style on a double rod with the sheers behind them on rings. Those are the panels with the texture.

The other set (grommet) are cotton but don't have any texture to them. If I go that direction I want to hang the sheers in the middle, is that what you want to do?

Both hang very nicely. I won't have mine up for a couple of weeks, but I have a pair of each sitting on my kitchen table. I can photo a close up of the fabric for you tomorrow.

The Grommet drape is very similar to the Pottery Barn Cameron drapes but they're softer. Ikea has sets of all their drapes hanging and I thought they looked great, light and airy.

Can't beat the price either, the back tabs are $29.99/pair and the Grommet panels are 19.99/pair. 57 inches wide, 93 inches long but the length is not formally hemmed that way they can be hemmed custom for any height. I like that.

Hope that helps. LOL So what are you going to do with your sconces?

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I could've sworn I replied to this yesterday.

We have back tab drapes in front of sheers (double rod). I tried about every possible combination that uses two rods before settling on this one, including both on rings, both grommeted, etc.

Are you interested in tiebacks at all? I know the look isn't for some (I use them begrudingly!), but they are handy for predicaments like this. You can pull back just the curtains & leave the sheers permanently drawn, or pull both back.

For what it's worth, my panels are 108" and the sheers open and close easily, even being behind the back tabs.

And I'll also say that I bought the back tabs with the intention of putting them on rings (which I did, and sheers too) because I thought the scrunch & hang of the back tabs was ugly. But I tried it, and it's much nicer than I thought, so I got to refund $140 worth of rings. :)

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Hi Avesmor, thanks for sharing your experience with the Back Tab drapes, I love the way they hang. The tie backs do come with the drapes I've bought but I don't plan on using them. I am really interested in the look above with both the sheers and the drapes hanging straight. So you didn't feel that the Back Tab drapes looked good with the sheers hung behind them on rings? That's sort of what I'm thinking I'll end up doing.

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I personally didn't like the back tabs + rings because I wanted the curtains to follow the same line, if that makes sense. So I didn't like the straight top of the drape, and the scallop effect on the sheer together. (And when I had both on rings it was horrible because the "dips" never lined up and made an alternating scallop pattern). My eye just kept being drawn to the change in hanging pattern. (Disclaimer: I'm weird)

I was also dealing with very different fabric weights -- a textured doubleweight matte/antiqued satin with thermal lining, and nice airy sheer. Had the two had more similar hangs (as I'm suspecting you will have), I probably would not have minded it so much.

BTW, pre-toddler I left my sheers drawn, and curtains to the side like your reference pic. I, too, do not use any blinds or other treatments on the windows. I _love_ the look. Now with toddler it's either pull the sheers back, or have who knows what fingerprinted on them. Someday I will get to go back...

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Thanks so much, that is really helpful. Yes, both the drapes and the sheers are going to be on the light side. I'm a little nervous about giving it a try. DH is buried with work & school and has agreed to make time to hang the new rods once, but I doubt he'll agree to swap them out if it doesn't work. I really want something that offers options. Oh well, no risk no reward, right!

Toddlers? Oh boy! Those were the days, we're empty nesters now. Miss having a little one to liven up the house but there's benefits to having them grown too. LOL

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