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snuggles2010August 11, 2012

I'm looking for cat trees covered with real carpet and not the faux fur / faux carpet / faux sheepskin stuff. I see a few sellers here and there and some on ebay once in a while but seem to be harder to find now. Can anyone suggest a site where I might find some real carpeted ones?

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Petsmart has some nice ones. I bought mine there (local store) and it has carpet and sisal. The tallest I could find is 5 1/2' tall but it has turned out to be the perfect height. Besides height, another requirement I had was the trays needed to be a certain size since my cat is long and tall.
She has never used the horizontal tube and only sleeps on the highest tray.

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Also Petco & Pet Supplies Plus. It seems like all the ones I see have carpet. What is faux carpet? Maybe I don't know what you mean by real carpet.

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Costco if you have one nearby, has the best prices bar none for cat trees. We've gotten 2 that are 6 ft. tall w/multiple perches & tunnels, both were $60-80. Ours are both carpeted not sisal.
The cats love them!

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Thanks for the tips.

I will have to check out the stores, I started looking online and it seemed like everyone was fake.

Susan - jomuir posted a pic of what I would call real carpet, the ones that I don't want are the like the Amarkat type where it isn't real carpet.

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Drs. Foster & Smith is where I bought mine.

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Interesting .. guess I never looked at the difference between carpet and fabric ... I got the Petco cat tree I've linked to below, which has fabric ... but I don't see that it wears or is an different to clean than the old one I have that is real carpet.

I loved the free shipping, and the cats love the different levels.

Here is a link that might be useful: PetCo Cat Tree

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We have 3 cat trees from Armarkat and love them!! Our largest 1 has real carpet(its a premium one) and the other 1 is the faux stuff---but we bought that 1 in 2005 and still going strong!! I dont even look at another company when it comes to trees--and no I don't work for the company,lol Just for the value and quality, they are hard to beat!!

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I Hv this one , at the begining ,the cat refused to climb it , but i think she love it now

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To save further $$$ I use a site called retail me not, put armarkats name in the search bar and usually find a coupon for 10% off and free shipping. Use it for many other online sites as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: re tail me not

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