Fleck 5600 SE vs SXT

penguin666April 24, 2010


I think that it's time to abandon my 22 year old Sears water softener which is having problems. It probably has a leaky valve (the brine tank keeps filling and overflowing), the bypass filter doesn't seem to be effective and I'm sure it needs new resin. After reading what I can find on the web, I've decided to purchase a Fleck 5600. My question is whether to go with the SE or the SXT. The SE seems like it has years of tried and true use. The SXT, however, may offer more options because it it programmable.

Can someone here provide some first hand info to help me decide?


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22 years on a Sears softener... you got your money's worth out of that one a few times over.

The Fleck 5600 comes in a variety of flavors. All versions of the 5600 are based on the same valve body design and use essentially the same main parts so other than the control, timer vs electromechanical vs electronic, they should offer the same reliability.

5600 Timer: regenerates based on days not water usage which is less efficient, timer based softeners are old, old school and rarely installed now days

5600 Econominder (electromechanical): regenerates based on water usage, but few changes allowed in the way of programming, an industry favorite

5600SE (electronic): regenerates based on water usage, electronic control allows variables in programming,

5600SXT (electronic): regenerates based on water usage, electronic control allows variables in programming for most efficient operation, latest version of electronic control and replaces the SE models

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Thanks for the info, justalurker.

You might not believe what the old galvanized plumbling and worlds cheapest valves look like after 22 years.

Seems like the SXT is the way to go. I'm a one person household and I don't use much water so efficient operation is a must.

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A Fleck 5600 based softener that is properly sized, correctly set up, with a sano install will give you reliable service.

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