Washer drains and causes gurgling and back up

JimmySCApril 14, 2013

I think I have inadequate venting. i won't bore you with all the details of what I have done over the years but when my washer empties it gurgles in the bathtub and sometimes backs up into the tub and shower in another bathroom. I only have 2 roof vents, older home built in 1964. The first vent is for ALL the fixtures in both baths, the second vent is only for the kitchen sink. I think my problem is the washer not being vented is causing the gurgling and possibly the backup as well. I know the pipes arent clogged, I have recently replaced them. My problem is that I really dont want to have to cut a new hole in my roof for another vent and Im not a fan of the studer vents. can I tie my washer into my kitchen vent even though it is about 15-20' away from my washer? I think I read somewhere that the vent needed to be within 5' of the fixture for it to vent properly but the vent only has air in it so I dont see why it has to be close to the fixture for it to be able to suck air in. I dont think the washer even has a trap so I plan to install a trap and then a tee which I would use to tie back into the vent line for the kitchen. Any suggestions?

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If the described problem is caused by improper/missing vents, a Studor vent would not help. The Studor vent does not relieve pressures that are above atmosphere-- which appears to be the problem at your premises- but the Studor opens when it senses a vacuum.

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Still sounds like a partial blockage more than a venting issue.

Clothes washers deliver a lot of water very quickly when the empty.

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