House-training puppies, questionable advice

sweetchastityAugust 25, 2010

We've had mixed success with getting the puppies house-trained. They go outside sometimes but still go freely in the house. When we take them out they are playing for thirty, fourty-five, sixty minutes then we bring them in and they go inside. I know we've failed to set up a strict routine so I don't get mad at them but we are going to puppy-classes next week so I hope we'll learn an approach both my Mom and I will be consistent with.

So my brother has given us advice on how to house-train our puppies... take them outside and keep saying 'Go pee! Go pee! Go pee! Good boy/girl! Good pee!'. And if they make a mistake in the house?... Grab them by the scuff of the neck and shake them the way their mother would if they misbehaved (actually do the mother's do that or do they just pin the puppy down by the neck?). He says they don't have accidents with Punkin's brother but my sister-in-law has mentioned some incidents so he may be stretching the truth a little.

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Mother dogs don't shake their puppies *at all*;
that's a good way to injure a puppy, just as it can injure a child.

Mother dogs *may* carry pups by the scruff, although they more usually put their mouths around the whole neck, but they go "Aarghh!" at the pups to make them stop undesireable behavior.

Punishing a puppy for bathroom mishaps is likely to be counter-productive;
it may cause submissive peeing-
think of all the puppies you've seen wiggling up to their owners, rolling onto their backs, grinning submissively, & wetting themselves.

Potty training any youngster is pretty much the same regardless of species:

Focus on the positive,
reward/praise performance,
& be patient.

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I don't agree with constantly giving a command while the dogs are outside since it will only confuse the pups. Give a command when you see them doing their business then praise them afterward.

I think it was mentioned in you other post, but I don't think you're going to see results in potty training until you either crate, or keep them in a pen, when they're not being watched indoors.

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Everything I've read both here and in books/articles goes against what my brother says and while he may not have accidents I still would not resort to that type of behaviour.

Yes we still can't get Punkin to accept the crate. He never slept in a crate or pen with his brothers and sisters, Mom says the breeder let them all sleep in her bed. The vet suggested that we put his food in there so he associates the crate with positive things but when he's done he wants out. I've had him in his crate on the floor of the den and will leave the door open but put my foot in his way if he tries to leave. Actually keeping him locked in a room, even with Peanut, can get him going but not as bad. In the crate he whines, barks, howls (sounds kinda like a Beagle) and carries on for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. I know he should tire out but when he seems to sound tired he'll get a second wind and start up again. I'm unsure if this long a period of protest is a sign of anxiety or if he really, really wants his own way.

Part of the issue was that Mom just wanted to let the puppies roam free and not really watch them (like stop watching TV to watch or just hang and let them play) and I wanted to keep them to a smaller area and bring them out when we would focus on them completely. Now we are settling on watching them carefully or put Peanut in her crate and Punkin on the bed or sofa (not that he won't pee/poo there). We don't use the side yard much so I took Peanut there and she went for me and she want for Mom so I think she doesn't associate the side yard with play so we will take them out there now that the stairs there are fixed. Also the terribly humid weather is gone so we can go out for walks and I'm going to start them on that. I'm also looking forward to the puppy-classes and hope Mom and I can agree on a consistent strategy.

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Take a sample of the puppies excrement and put it outdoors on the grass where you want them to go. Then when they do, reward them. It is harder with urine, but I have found that once they do the biggie, the pee will happen also.

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If you see him going in the house give a firm no then take him outside to finish. When potty is done outside, give a small treat when you come in and use that to begin teaching the sit command and then the down command. They must always be taken out as soon as they wake from a nap no matter what time of day or night. At 8 to 10 weeks of age it is usually every hour and then the time between naps/potty breaks lengthens slowly until you get them fully potty trained. The discipline that is needed is on you. You must get into the routine and stick with it.

When outside and he starts playing give the command but not a hundred times or the command becomes a meaningless word. Use a loud hand clap, a whistle or any sound to get his attention to make him follow you. If he sits down, you start walking and he will follow you. Keep him walking until he does his business. Once he finishes going, give the command and praise him. Many times if you give the command when they start to go, they will stop going and lose focus. Give the treat once back indoors. Only give the treat if he did his business outside.

Use a good cleaner to remove his scent in the places he has gone potty in the house and follow that up with Nature's Miracle and let it dry without wiping it off. I am currently potty training our new 11 week old Neapolitan Mastiff puppy that we picked up 6 days ago. We have 6 dogs and I do all of the potty training.

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Many years ago our mixed breed dog gave birth to six (better than average) puppies. It was a true education for us and our four children at the time. She was able to go in and out through a doggie door so taught her pups right from the beginning what was expected. All six pups were trained by mom not to dig holes, to poop/pee only on the grass outside and not to mouth/bite or to chew on inappropriate stuff.

Needless to say, they were all very easy to place. They were free but one lady insisted on giving me $50 because how could I just give them away???? ($50 was lots of money for a mixed dog 30 years ago.)

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