bladderless versus bladder pressure tanks

jeanweddingApril 5, 2013

We were told several days ago that a pressure tank without the replacement type bladder is best.
Person said they can leak and rust the tank... Is that true in your experiences???
We want a bigger tank than the present 6 gallon replaceable bladder type... like a 19 gallon one
Because our pump comes on every toliet flush... Duh>>>>

I just thought a replacement bladder type pressure tank would be less to go into a landfill
still newbie to wells
what are your all thoughts and experiences
thanks all

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Are you certain you mean bladderless vs bladder and not
attached vs replaceable bladder?

I would not recommend a bladderless tank - it requires more attention on the part of the homeowner. Forgetting to periodically add air will result in short-cycling your pump, wearing it out sooner.

While a replaceable bladder is theoretically a great idea, replacement is not an easy job on most tanks and beyond many DIYer's ability. A good bladder tank should last many, many years and may be recycled at the end of its life.

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I meant to say one like we HAD till today...One that you can supposedly replace the bladder...

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I have three tanks with integral (non-replaceable) bladder that are over 30 years old and still function properly.
Imagine trying to find just the replaceable bladder for a tank after just 10 years.

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Bus driver
do you mean units like I've seen with no bladders at all ???
I believe they are galvnized
Or do you mean pressure tank units that have non replaceable bladders? just curious

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"I have three tanks with integral (non-replaceable) bladder --".
Put emphasis on the WITH and it will be clear.

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