Fleck 7000 SXT programming

esoesoyApril 1, 2012

Today I installed a new Fleck 7000 SXT water softener with 1.5 cu ft of resin (see this post for the recommendations). I'm not sure if I got the programming right.

Basically the only change I made was to the hardness (9). Afterwards I initiated a manual regeneration and sat back to watch. The brine draw is set to 60, but when I checked at 40 minutes the water in the brine tank was gone. The level appears to be at or below the bottom of the air check valve. The brine fill cycle is set to 12 minutes, and that didn't appear to add a measurable amount of water to the brine tank.

What did I miss? I've listed all the settings from the Master Programming mode below. The BLFC from the sticker on the valve is 0.125 gpm.


VT: dF2b

CT: Fd

C: 35

H: 9

RS: rc

RC: 0

DO: 14

RT: 2:00

B1: 10

BD: 60

B2: 5

RR: 10

BF: 12

FM: t1.2

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"Basically the only change I made was to the hardness (9)"

If the only setting you changed was the H setting then make these changes...

C: 25
H: 10
SF: 20%
DO: 8
RT: 2:00 make sure it is AM
BF: 24

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Thanks again, lurker. I've made the changes as you suggested. Should I add some water to the brine tank now so there's something for it to draw during the next regen? Twenty-four minutes at 0.125 gpm = 3 gallons, so I'm thinking there needs to be 3 gallons in the brine tank to be drawn up at the next cycle. Am I understanding this correctly?

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Add three gallons now. After the next regen the brine level should be correct at base level plus 3 gallons.

Add enough salt to cover the water and check salt level weekly.

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