7000sxt programming question

zhangkan15April 22, 2013

Finally, I got my 7000 system installed. Learned a lot as a newbie doing the plumbing. Now I came up with the questions of programming.

I calculated the BF time to be around 13-14 mins. How should I set the BD time? I remember seeing someone saying the BD time should be set longer than BF time and let the air checker to stop drawing water from brine tank.

What's the guideline to set the BD time?

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Since I am currently having low usage of water, I started with 4lb of salt/cuft. With 1.25 cuft resin, 0.125gpm bflc.
My setting is:
C: 18000
H: 11
SF:10 %
RR: 10
BF: 13

Besides the question on BD. I am wondering if B1,B2 and RR are set right?

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I've copied your posts above into your original thread that contains all of your data. Starting a new post scatters your information around, increasing the possibility of confusing you with a different poster.

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