Kashmir vs. Ivory vs Colonial Gold -help!

janine09March 25, 2010

Now I know what people meant by Granite hell! I will see a beautiful kitchen's granite and then see it in person only to find out it is not a good fit at all. We are looking fora granite that works with ivory and chestnut cabinets. Easy right? Nope..

I fell in love with Kashmir Gold but then found out it has alot of peach and pink. Yet so many pictures online do not reveal this? Are slabs that wide ranging?

Colonial Gold and Ivory Gold look interesting but not as many pictures to view, plus there are references to burgundy and I'm concerned will not tie the 2 cabinets together sufficiently.

Fall backs are New Venetian and St Ceceil (Light, Gold?) but was hoping for something a bit more unique. WE'll see!

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I had a terrible time with our granite choice. We ended up selecting Giallo Napoli - similar to some you mentioned but perhaps more cream. It has brown flecks with a bit of block as well.

Good luck. I am sure what you choose will be lovely.

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Have you seen the website www.marble.com? They have a bunch of of colonial gold pics.

I just came back from my granite place and really liked Colonial Gold. I selected hazelnut stained maple cabinets with a black glaze. I wasn't sure if the Colonial Gold was too stark for it, but I loved the dark brown spots in it. I was hoping to see Madura Gold, but they didn't have any. I found a nice ceramic tile to go with the Colonial Gold if I decide to go with it.

I think Colonial Gold would be beautiful with ivory and chestnut cabinets. It would tie in nicely with both. I think my cab color may be too dark for it.

Good luck! Let us know what you decide.

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Slabs really vary, even within type. We went to the stone yard armed with cabinet & floor samples. Here's our Kashmir Gold:

Golds, blue grays, bits of brown. There's no pink or peach in it.

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My friend's kitchen has white and wood stained cabinets (white on uppers, wood on the bottom) with Colonial Gold. It is GORGEOUS - no pink or peach at all. It looks amazing with her cabinet combination.

I would have gone with Colonial Gold just based on her kitchen, but DH didn't like it (go figure). However, when I was looking around, I found a lot of peach and pinks in granites where I wasn't expecting it at all....I think it may depend on the slab and the lot.

If I can find the pics I took of her kitchen when I was doing my planning, I'll post them for you.

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gizmonike: wow, that's a great photo! how big is your island? Good to hear no pinks in kashmir gold...

threedaisies: i'd love to see a photo! Like you, when I looked around saw a lot of pinks..there really is alot of variation for the same granite

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Gizmonike's granite was lovely and I've also seen some Colonial Gold that I've liked. You might also like River Gold or Wine River. Slabs seems to vary a great deal so don't give up on one type of granite until you've seen a few. Happy Hunting!

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You might also look for Golden Antique. It has some golds and small rivers of grey along with darker brown pieces. No peach at all. I found a slab that was really creamy rather than golden. Most are more golden which might work for you.

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I am having new kitchen redo and cabinet/granite stress on decisions. Love the pictures of cream cabinets/colonial gold granite. Saw Juparana Persa granite at a surplus store - does anyone have granite like this?

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