pics of Travertine Floors with all white kitchen?

celineikeMarch 21, 2011

Does anyone have any? Noce in Versaille pattern if possble...

I cant seem to find any that dont introduce some other colors.. maybe that's a sign...


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Not in my kitchen, but I am doing travertine in my master bath with white cabinets (not in the Versaille pattern, which is GORGEOUS, by the way). My floors are mostly in, and the cabinets are being installed tomorrow or Wednesday. I'll try to take a pic of the combo. I think it would be beautiful in a kitchen, especially with the Versaille pattern!

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I love travertine floors. I have a few pictures of tile
floors hopefully they are travertine. I wish I had the
Noce you are looking for. BUT, just because you can not
find images does not mean it can not be amazing.

Encinatas Kitchen Worthing

Sheryl Crow's kitchen


glen coe george

Randyl Bye woodworker


Clive Christian

Chelsea CT.

CJS Millwork

RJB Design Group

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oh boxerpups! thesea re great!! and alothough most of them have cream/tan accents with the white cupbarods, the all grey and black and white with the ta floors works well too! Phew... so question....

should i do the darker Noce Travertine or the regular light tan color? I already have the lighter one in my mudroom with white cabinets but wood counters in there. I only chose Noce for the kitchen because i worried it would need a "heavier" floor to weigh down the lighter colors on top. which are; white cabs, med grey perimeter counter, white/dark butcher block island, white backsplash.

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Get what you like...
Honestly if you love the darker go for it. If you are still
unsure here are a few more with darker travertine or tile
type floors and white.


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these pics are fantastic! thank you!
2 of them are exactly what im after!!! yeay! and Im feeling much more confident in going with this floor choice.

I WANT dark wood but just have too many animals and kids & ZERO desire to ever clean it ;o) (myself that is,lol)

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