What kind of puppy do I have? (Pics included)

korolyovaAugust 18, 2010

She is 15 weeks old. I got her from someone that didn't tell me what the breed was because she didn't know. I'm guessing she's a mix of a shepherd of some sort and a cattle dog. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! She currently weighs 16.5 lbs.


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I don't know much about dog breeds but I would say you have a cutie-pie mix. That face is adorable. I love the picture where she is laying down and her paws look enormous.

Have fun with her. What is her name?

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maybe Lab with a little Doberman in the family tree?

Cute dog!

here's a link;

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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what a great puppy! Enjoy and congrats!

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How big is she? She could have some beagle but I'd say she definitely has some Shepherd.

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I dunno, but if you would've asked my Daddy, he's say that dog is definitely a "Sooner". (Sooner eat than go hungry) LOL.

She's beautiful!

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Thanks everyone! Her name is Daisy and she is 16.5 lbs right now. I'm thinking she may be a german shepherd australian cattle mix.

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That tail is pure beagle. Maybe a little beagle in the face/coat. Lab or hound of some kind. Hard to tell, but she sure is a beautiful girl!

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Oh, what a face! Great-looking little doggie.

I agree: Beagle coloring, body and tail, as others have stated. Also shepherd. I don't see aussie cattle in there. Remember that mixed-breed dogs are often a mix of many breeds, not the spawn of two purebreds. So you could pick as many as seem appropriate.

For instance, my dog is border-collie, chow, black lab and something small. Plus whatever else she might be...

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