Puppy is stubborn

goldyAugust 18, 2011

I got a new puppy yesterday.He refuses to walk with the lease.Can someone help me?He also cried all night until I put on the light.that worked .No luck with the lease.

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How old is the puppy?
Check out the site below for some good basic info.
In addition to reading up on training, you should consider enrolling in a puppy class (usually offered at your local pet store.)

Here is a link that might be useful: puppy leash training

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Having a leash on isnt a natural thing for a pup, so you patiently need to train him to walk on a leash. I spent about 5 mins several times a day for over a week before my last pup got it. If you use a command like "heel" or "walkies" and gently tug the lead and call and encourage him to walk and when he does give him lots of praise. At first he'll fight it because he doesn't understand what's going on but he will get it. I think commands are really useful initially with things like this but over time you won't even need to use it and as soon as you get the leash out he'll know what's happening. Don't lose your patience with him though, keep it positive.

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Above advice is the answer. Also, I clipped the leash onto my puppy's collar and just left it on for long periods while she was in the house, dragging it around wherever she went. This way she was used to it being on. It also makes it easier to grab onto the puppy when it is doing something it shouldn't or going somewhere it shouldn't. When you are teaching the puppy to walk on leash, whenever it shuts down or fights the leash, give it gentle tugs but then immediately release the pressure. Constant or tight pressure only scares them and they fight harder. Then the puppy learns that if it follows you there is no more tugging and it should get the picture. Now I have a problem. Our dog is now 7 months old and is extremely independent. We have a large amount of property and she loves being outside exploring the woods. The problem is she will NOT come when called until she feels like it. I've used treats to try to get her to come and she is rewarded whenever she does but if she isn't ready forget it. This causes a problem when there is a need to leave and we need to get her inside. (We don't allow her to stay out when we leave.) I have to try to trick her by getting one of her toys and pretending that I'm going to play with her to get hold of her and even then she's learned to watch for the hand reaching for her collar and she darts away. I'm wondering if I need to start all over by keeping her on leash until she listens. I'm beginning to think we might have started giving her too much freedom before she was fully trained to obey commands.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Try to remember your puppy is a baby ( and even when they grow up they are still toddlers) and totally dependent on you for everything. Turn the light on at night, cuddle with him do whatever you need to do to ease fears and put him at ease.

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The puppy is three months old with the mind of a dog.

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put a light bulb in his crate when he was crying at night instead of staying with him or putting him in your room?
"three months old with the mind of a dog"?

Give the puppy to someone who can offer this puppy some patience & some love.

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Goldy you need to realize that a pup is very much a baby. He's suddenly in a new home with a total stranger and he's scared and unsure of himself so he needs some time to settle in and get to know you. These things are just the beginning of raising a pup and it is a lot of work.

Look at it from the pups point of view, he's totally dependent on you, he has no idea what's going on right now and he's very young and totally vulnerable. Don't expect him to know what you want, it's your job to teach him and love him, and raise him, and it takes effort and patience.

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sylvia as I was ready thru this I had exactly the same thought.
What a sad situation........

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I agree. Give the puppy to someone with some patience. He's a baby.

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goldy, have you prepared yourself to get a puppy? Are you a child or an adult? You sound like you have done no research and haven't a clue what the puppy is going through or what you need to do to acclimate it to a new environment. You've had the puppy one day and are complaining about it being "stubborn" and not trained to sleep through the night and walk on a leash. You are receiving the answers you deserve for the coldness and stupidity you are exhibiting: give the puppy to someone who can care for it appropriately.

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For those that didn't see it earlier, goldy posted about trying to find a new pet. She lives in senior housing and my guess is this may be her first puppy.

What breed puppy did you end up getting goldy?

Here is a link that might be useful: former thread

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Goldy has had a dog before, not sure if she's had a puppy. She has a previous thread as well in which she discusses her age and whether or not she should have a puppy (and there is actually a thread earlier than that as well). She clearly has been thinking about it for quite some time.

Instead of criticizing someone about whom you know very little, why not try to help? The first several responses to goldy were understanding and helpful. Some of the latter ones - not so much.

goldy, they are right, this is a baby that will take patience and training. The others gave you some good advice for getting your puppy used to the leash slowly. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: even more former thread

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I have had puppies before.YOU PEOPLE ARE FUNNY.YOU READ ME WRONG.I know when a puppy is stuborn.At 81 this is not my first pet.puppy pulls away when walking .all I needed was some advice.Do you reallY think I SPENT ALMOST A 1000 FOR A DOG TO TREAT IT WRONG.PEOPLE ON THIS WEB SITE USE TO BE NICE.aS THE YEARS GO BY THEY BECOME CRITICALWILL NOT BE ASKING FOR ANYMORE ADVICE ON PET FORUME.WILL GOOGLE INSTEAD,

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Yes, & when Goldy asked whether she should get a puppy, every single person gently suggested other options...
& now she supposedly has a puppy & has *no* patience with him & no idea of what is reasonable to expect from a puppy.

When she posted in October 2006 (link below), she had a 5-year-old dog.

Then in September 2010 she said she'd had to give up her dog 10 years ago;
what happened to the 5-year-old dog she'd had in 2006?

She also said she "really enjoyed the housebreaking, it gets me closer to the pup", which is a far cry from being impatient & demanding that a new puppy be leash-trained, not cry, & insisting that he has "the mind of a dog".

She also said that in that post that she was moving in with her granddaughter & the granddaughter's husband.

Then on August 11 of this year, she posted that she was going to get a puppy from a traveling pet shop that was going to deliver to her a puppy she hadn't even met, & everyone advised her against it, *& she said she didn't want to apply to get one from a shelter because they asked too many questions*.

& now she has this puppy, & the puppy's life sounds totally miserable.

As for being mean to goldy:
I do not excuse maltreatment of an animal just because the person who's doing it is old.

Here is a link that might be useful: October 2006 post

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And this is the proof that age has nothing to do with suitability for pet ownership. Goldy, labeling the poor dog as stubborn, pulling it on a lead and being annoyed because the dog is fearful at night shows that you have no compassion and should not have adopted a dog or a puppy. Get a goldfish. They required no walking, make no noise, and don't need to be trained. I'm sorry, but it is just unacceptable, and frankly immature, to hide behind your age as an excuse. And you are using your age as a defense. Otherwise, you would not have mentioned it.

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Good by PUPPY COPS.One would think you all had perfect pets.why do they have obedience classes for dogs if all is so perfect in your kennels?better leave you guys alone I will end up in jail.close down the pet forum if I'm the only one with a problem.Will be going to Bing for my problems from now.crucify someone else.I had enough.

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Goldy there is a message in all what people are saying, that pups do not come into your home understanding any of what's going on, it can be really daunting for them.

You are also reading your pup completely wrong. He doesn't cry at night because he's naughty, his world has just been turned upside down and he's away from his littermates and mum and in a strange place all of a sudden. He needs some cuddles and reassurance right now to settle in and start to feel safe and the crying will stop.

He's not being stubborn with the lead, he doesn't know what he's meant to do. He has a stranger putting this strange thing around his neck and he's thinking "whoah, what's this about, this doesn't seem right", again he needs reassurance that you're not hurting him, and he'll get that with practice if you stay positive and patient with him.

when you say things like "with the mind of a dog" or "I know when a puppy is stubborn", it shows that you aren't being realistic in what to expect from a pup, he only knows what you teach him, his behaviour is totally normal for a new pup and we have all been there.

Im not saying this to criticize you. Once you look at it more realistically you'll have an easier time of raising him, because the way you are looking at things now, you're going to get frustrated and angry with him and it's just counterproductive and will make you and the pup miserable together.

I would highly recommend you take him to obedience classes because they will show you how to train him, and I think it will be so useful for you, and now is the ideal time to start at his age and you will both learn so much from it.

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I really pity puppy. Sounds like he'll not have a nice life.

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I hope you are still reading. Did you get this pup from the person that would only bring the dog to you and only accept cash? If so as was stated it was bad idea. This pup may be a mill pup never out of cage till he came to you. No attention, no love, no socialization and hasn't learned how to learn. Think about this and how you can help make up for his early days.

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I have to say that some of you people are rather harsh and self-righteous in your responses. I don't see that the OP is exhibiting any signs of extreme impatience; she just asked for some advice. Sheesh.
Goldy, a puppy can be a challenge. They have to learn everything. Fortunately, you have the time to spend teaching. Love, patience, time work miracles. The more time you spend walking with your puppy, the more he'll get used to the leash. Congrats on your new puppy. Enjoy!

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