Best Flooring for Cat Pee?

kittensAugust 12, 2012

My cat peed on my carpet the other day - sigh. I couldn't find the spot with the black light so had to wash the whole rug.

I was wondering about different floor types that are easier to clean than carpeting. I've never had hardwood floors. Are you able to seal them so urine doesn't penetrate the wood? Does anyone have the fake wood floors? I saw one the other day which I loved. It's a laminate 'floating' floor. Scratch resistant, easy to clean but I wasn't sure if urine could leak between the boards though.

Does anyone care to comment about their flooring?

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spedigrees z4VT

I love linoleum flooring, aka vinyl flooring, that comes in sheets. It's totally waterproof and the patterns that look like slate or stone are very convincing and attractive. We just ripped out all our old carpetting and installed vinyl flooring in the lower level of our home, and I couldn't be more pleased. With a new puppy and an older rescue dog, both of whom took months to catch on to the concept of peeing outdoors, it has been easy cleanup and stress-free living. The old linoleum flooring in our kitchen has lasted for nearly 40 years. It does need replacing now, but it held up to lots of traffic and pet accidents spanning 4 decades, so this stuff is nothing if not durable.

We have wood flooring in our upper level, but it is softwood and there are substantial cracks between the floor boards. It looks pretty, but if I had it to do over, there would be vinyl flooring up there too. But since the pets spend very little time up there, it's not a big problem. I'm not sure about hardwood flooring, but I think perhaps the boards do not shrink as much, because they seem to fit tightly together.

I hope this helps.

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Okay, I wasn't expecting someone to say linoleum for the living room! I have it in my kitchen and I love it. It's so easy to clean. I have a bathroom that's tile and I'd so rather have linoleum in there. It always looks dusty and you have to clean the grout strips. I contemplating putting tile in the kitchen when I re-did it; I would have ending up hated it. I put a textured linoleum in and it's actually soft on your feet.

I went out to the Armstrong site and they make linoleum that looks like just like hardwood. It looks convincing on the internet anyway! I've been looking at houses and most have hardwood or carpeting. I'm going to definitely keep this option in mind.

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Laminate (the floating type) generally is not liquid friendly. You don't mop it like traditional floors; it's different.

If you think you're going to have a problem with animal waste, I'd stick with linolium. Inexpensive and easy to replace, you can clean it up easier than most other flooring types.

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Oh, I'm going to stay away from that laminate then. That's probably the worst choice for cats. We had a cat with kidney problems toward the end. The house would have been ruined.

I was reading about the linoleum. There is a difference between linoleum and vinyl flooring. The linoleum is a natural product and vinyl is made from a pcv material. They vinyl can be installed yourself so I'd probably go that route. I didn't realize there was a difference. I put a vinyl floor in an upstairs bathroom and it was a piece of cake. From what I read though, it sounds like there is no flooring that truly won't hold odor. I have to read some more about types of sealers.

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We have vinyl in our bathroom, just stick and peel that we got at home depot that looks like a stone product. Our old and sick cat that recently passed on peed on the floor multiple times but we just mopped it up, no odor, no problem. On one of Candice Olsens Hgtv shows she used a stick down vinyl in a living room that looked just like wood floors. Next time I'm going for that!

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Wood has seams between the boards through which cat pee can seep into inaccessible places. The best thing I have of all the surfaces in my house is tile - though even that's not entirely seep proof depending on the condition of the grout.

Fortunately my cats rarely pee on the floor. It's happened with a couple cats when they got old and had health problems. None the less I have no carpet - more because of cat barf than cat pee. And general tracking of dirt by humans.

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Thank you everyone for your input. I don't usually have an issue but my little one has hit the house a couple of times so far (she's 3 now) and I was trying to think ahead. Most of the houses I've looked at have hardwood but some could use refinishing. I'd hate to go through all that trouble and end up with a cat pee spot. I worry about them when they get older (I have 3 cats) too.

The Armstrong site has some really realistic looking hardwood floors in linoleum. I'm leaning toward that direction.

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A word of caution--once a cat pees on a rug, the smell is almost impossible to remove completely. The cat will go back to the same spot and do it again and again. That happened to us a long time ago. Our only option was to professionally clean the rug and give it to someone who has no pets.

Of course there may be some "new technology" out there that really abolishes the smell. If you read of such a thing, make sure to confirm the claim through a impartial source.

Somthing else: cats who void in the wrong place are possibly sick and need medical attention. Or they may be unhappy with the cleanliness of their litter box. They're very fussy.

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Try tile, you'll be happy :)

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Kittens, I think it's just the carpet. Once you remove that, your problem may be over. That's been my experience. I have had three homes, and in all cases, once I removed the carpeting, the peeing stopped. I have rugs now, but no problems. There's something about carpeting.

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We'll see. I think they like soft things to pee on so you might be right. I know I've read people getting their wood destroyed though. My little one has a behavioral issue and when upset about something, she pees. She's done it once per year for her 3 years now. The first time she peed in her little bed that was sitting on the sofa after I changed her litter brand (not gradually-duh-learned my lesson). It had one of those soft cat-mat beds inside it. Last year, they caught fleas so I cut them off going out to their kennel until the flea medicine worked. She hit the couch in the spare room - in 10 spots! I spent a fortune bringing them both in for testing (didn't know which one peed) thinking something was wrong with so much pee. I don't know what set her off this year but she hit the carpet. I suspect it may have been a new woodchuck that I saw coming on the porch. Maybe a territorial thing? Yuk and it's a royal pain to wash carpeting. If I get a house with entire hardwood, maybe putting soft throw rugs down would help. At least I could just pick them up and toss them if there was an incident. Hopefully, she's have a full yard to go out into so maybe she'll be less inclined to tinkle inside. I don't think there's a way to train her to not express herself that way. She never did it in front of me. I just try not to change her world too much! If we can get a new house, I'm going to bring them over for little visits before relocating them.

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