Sprinkler system on Private well

Oly123March 18, 2012

I have a sprinkler system that runs off a private well. The system is comprised of a Batrow switching unit, an Orbit control and 4 auto valves separated into two zones. The system works great manually. With that said, I would like it to be a bit more automatic. For some reason, well beyond my capacity, the control refuses to start the pump. I have tried to use the manual button but only get a click sound from my Batrow unit. I am unfamiliar with this device and inclined to believe this is my issue. I have not performed any further troubleshooting steps. Thank you for reading my post. Any direction/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If the manual override doesn't start the pump, the pump motor is a likely culprit. Do you know how to test for voltage going to the motor? Does the motor make a humming sound? Can you manually turn the motor shaft?

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