dog play area ideas please! :)

kelliuAugust 13, 2011

I am looking for fun ideas for our dog yard.

I have heard of burying tires in the ground. Has anyone done this? Do the dogs use it? I was thinking of putting three or four together to make a tunnel. Any other fun play ideas?

Also, we are planning to put pea gravel. Any better ideas there?

Thank you!


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It would probably really help to know what breed of dog.

They have lots of equipment for dog agility training. It looks like the dogs have fun with it and it's certainly got to be entertaining for the owners.

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We have a husky and an Australian Cattle Dog. Thanks for your help. :)

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I have a BC/Aussie mix and a cattle dog mix. My ACD girl is getting older, but will still play with the pup. My pup loves to chase/be chased and have places to run to to hunker down and "hide". A shrub, our utility trailer, a tree trunk -- everything works. Sort of like "base" when playing tag.

They also like to wriggle around in the grass on their backs. And the pup likes the little pool we got them. She gets in and scratches/splashes around and then lies down.

So I guess I'm saying I would want some items in there that would work with how my particular dogs play.

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Thank you very much, jakebedy. :)

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