Sizing and cost of water softener

honkdmMarch 25, 2014

Hello. I need some help with a water softener purchase.
Yes I will get an independent water test done.

I had the first vendor come out today for a quote. I will post their test results when I get the written quote. They did say my disolved solids was within acceptable levels; pH balanced, no Iron, high calcium, 9 grains of hardness. Well water.

While I understand wanting to future proof the sytem. I live alone, don�t get much company, am out of the house all day; and often shower at the gym. House has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths (no whirpools); dishwater (that I never use).

The quote includes the following. Moving (over 2 feet) and replacing the sediment filter. They want the Big Blue style. They say my existing filter is too small. Water Right with Clack valve, 36,000 Grains, US manufactured resin. Internal drain piping, to temporary external drain pipe. $2,000.

I will need to add a power outlet esp cost $200.
Permanent draining 1) dry well $1,000; 2) buried pipe empting away from the house $500.

Thoughts on the cost? I am concerned the 36,000 is bigger than I need,

Thanks for your review.

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Since you are planning on getting an independent test done, I'll wait to provide sizing recommendations. You can check your state's website for certified labs. You want to know: TDS, pH, hardness, iron (ferrous and ferric), manganese, sulfates, nitrates, bacteria, TOC, particulates (preferably with size distribution). There may be other tests that your state recommends based on where you live.

So far, the only usable number you have is hardness. TDS is "acceptable" -- means nothing. Pretty much any TDS is acceptable, but the higher it is, the more salt is required and a larger softener may be necessary. pH balanced - balanced at what number - 7.0? It could be balanced at 5.0 or 10.0.

Sediment filter: Big Blue style is great. For one person, a single 4" diameter x 10" long filter will be fine, unless you have excessive particulates in your well water. What size is your current filter housing and what type of filter cartridge are you using? How often do you have to change the cartridge?

As to softener size, the price difference between a 1.0 cubic ft softener and 0.75 (the smallest you should go for any house) is negligible. Provided you are removing particulates upstream from the softener, we can make the slightly larger softener quite efficient for your. Let's get the analysis first though.

Prices: Drain and power costs look reasonable. Softener price seems a bit high. Do you have other local water treatment companies you can speak to?

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