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zkitchMarch 29, 2012

I would like to thank everyone that helped me woth the forst bedroom , would not have been able to do this withiut your help!!

secondly, I am working on the master bedroom and would LOVE to change it , I would like to do it similar to this

a beige paint with creme or white blankets ( I have to rip off the wall paper) there is already a headboard type thing behind the bed that I will just reupholster I am thinking of just hiring some one to do it , I would as well like to do something with the dresser either paint or stain to different more up to date color (n any suggestions would be great )my mom loves the sunlight so I would like to make the room more light airy

Thank you so much for your help I really appreicate it

here are some pics ( so sorry for the mess )

Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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Here's your inspiration:

traditional bedroom design by denver interior designer Chalet

Here's your room:

Is anything besides the bed staying? I don't see anything that could work with your inspiration. And, can I ask what the item is over the bed?

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I would like the room similar to that one , I would like that color scheme t, on top of the bed is a light fixture that I cant wait to get rid of!! I want to keep the dressers and fix them up maybe paint or stain them to match the color scheme

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Ballard Designs has an upholstered bed called the Louisa bed that can be ordered in your own material or fabricated with their chocolate velvet. The rolls at the head and foot of the bed are not tufted, but it would appear similar to the bed in your inspiration photo. It's not expensive and that would get you started on the room.

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Oops, forgot the link!

Here is a link that might be useful: Louisa upholstered bed

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I am actually planning on making my own headboard thanks so much-anyways

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Zkitch, if I were trying to re-create that pretty room in my home, this is what I'd do.

First, look at the colors. There are some very dark browns in there--the bed, the night table, the legs on the bench. Then there are some medium browns--the bench and the two pillows at the front and the roman shades and the curtains. Then the walls and the carpet are a lighter shade still, and bedding is white/cream.

There is also white artwork on the walls, and lamps with glass/crystal bases and white shades. And some texture is brought in with the fabric of the bench and pillows and the many branches of the chandieler and the carpet looks like it has a bit of texture as well.

The furniture is traditional, with a slight hint to modern in the lines of the night table.

There's a lot of contrast. Some is very striking--the white bedding against the dark brown bed. Some is a lot more subtle--the white canvases against the pale beige wall.

There's also a bit of contrast between the more formal, traditional furniture and the more modern, monochromatic color scheme and window treatments. There is also contrast between the curving lines of the furniture and the squares and rectangles of the windows and artwork.

So, in your final room, what you are looking for is a lot of solid pieces--bedding, bed, flooring, walls, window treatments--that are variations of the same color, in this case, brown. There is a bit of texture in the fabrics used. There is contrast. There is a bit of sparkle in the lighting.

Do you like the furniture? Because I think you could take the color scheme and go really modern with the furniture, if you liked. But that's up to you and your taste.

What I'd do is look for a dark bed--could be upholstered, could be a dark stained wood. It looks like your existing carpet would work with the color scheme. Then you could paint your walls a color similar to your inspiration photo--but make sure there is a bit of contrast between the carpet color and the wall color. Add some crisp white bedding and some window treatments in a medium shade. Find some glass or crystal lamps to add a bit of sparkle.

The dressers you have don't really fit the inspiration. If you look at the furniture in your inspiration pic, there are lots of curving lines--the bed, the table legs, even the bench legs are round. Your dressers are more square and solid. If you need to keep them for now, I don't know where I'd go with them. They could be stained darker, but I don't know if that would too much dark. Or you could paint them white or lighter shade of brown, but again, because I don't really know your room or how much light it gets, I'm not sure if that would be too much light color.

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Thanks for your response i am covering the existing headboard a solid brown and I am going to get white bedding I just dont know what to do with the dressers do you like the set up and how do i go about staining them there is two of those windown in the room so it does get light also would you do the window treatments a creme ?
Thanks so much !

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I would start by reupholstering your bed and removing the wallpaper (?) I'm not good with paint colors but you could start another post asking for help identifying the paint color in your inspiration picture.

Do you have any budget for replacing the furniture? I would get rid of what you have and haunt craigslist for replacements. You could probably pick up an armoire for a little bit of money to replace some of the storage. Lots of people are downsizing and often their guest furniture, which is in good shape, goes. Just be patient, and you'll find something wonderful.

As far as curtains, camlan is right about your inspiration being all about the contrast. The darker curtains against the lighter walls. I don't think you'd get the safe effect with cream colored curtains.

But, take it slow. One step at a time. Come back here after each step to help keep you on track. A little at a time makes it easier on the budget, too.:)

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Thanks !I have already reupholster the headboard and I hope to paint sometime this week , I think for now i am going to keep the existing furniture and try to do something with it ( if anyone has any painting or staining tips ) from what I have read I have to first sand then stain or paint

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