Question about roaster my ham?

bryansdaDecember 24, 2012

I'm doing my ham in my electric roaster. Do I need to put any kind of fluid in the roaster to help keep it moist?

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Do the same as you would in the oven, to my knowledge. Maybe Annie will see this and have a definite answer.

Merry Christmas!


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Thanks Tami, but I haven't cooked a ham in years in the oven or the roaster. I did end up putting a little water in the bottom of the roaster. I thought it was better to add it than to have a dry ham.

Merry Christmas to you too.

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Well, better late than never. It depends on the ham. A spiral sliced and fully cooked ham? Nope, I'd cook that gently until it was heated through, then serve.

A smoked but not pre-cooked ham? I'd put that on the rack and probably add a bit of liquid to the bottom, orange or pineapple juice or 7-Up if it were a glazed ham, water or coffee if it was not to be glazed.

I hope it came out well. Merry Christmas.


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Annie said it well. Most any store-bought ham has water added anyway so there's lots of liquid in there. Even those marked "natural juices" are still water-injected. Beer is another good liquid for braising if you so choose to add, but if you're heating a ham rather than roasting it, you shouldn't have any problem. If it seems to be losing all the liquid in there, add a little moisture to steam and seal it up better.

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