Emergency plumbing help

cen28468March 29, 2012

Hello all,

I need some last-minute plumbing help if anybody is up and willing. I just installed a new shower trim kit tonight. Everything has gone well, except I can't get the faucet handle to an OFF position! Hot water, check. Cold water check. Seems to have full rotation, but no matter where I put it, it won't turn off! It's a delta faucet. I"m looking at the directions and it doesn't seem to his this point. HELP!

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It sounds like there may be a part missing on the valve stem. In what should be the OFF position, is the flow reduced?

Which Delta faucet?

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In this situation, you would probably do best to find a good emergency plumber! There are many plumbers that only work during the day, but I do know that there are plenty that are available at all times. If you are experiencing these problems while installing your faucet, you don't want it to continue. I would try to shut off your main source of water and then get a plumber to come and figure out how to prevent it from continuing! http://artstoverplumbing.com/emergencies/

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Spam. The first post was to open the door for the advertising.

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