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JMDownsMarch 23, 2014

I recently joined the forum. I have read many posts containing good advice on water softeners. As they are all different, I am hoping that you will help me with the calculations. I have four bathrooms and four adults living in the home. Filling a five gallon bucket from the Jacuzzi tub using both hot and cold levers through a single spout took 22.9 seconds. According to the water utility, we use 7000 gallons of water per month. Irrigation and outdoor faucets are on a separate meter.

At this time, I intend to install a Fleck 7000 with 10% crosslink resin and upper and lower baskets. My water utility provided a sterile test kit and tested the water with the following results -

Hardness (Grains/Gallon) 17, (PPM) 293
Microbiological Contaminants-
Total Coliform Bacteria (positive samples) 1.08%
Radioactive Contaminants-
Alpha emitters (pCi/L) 1.43
Radium 226+228 or combined radium (pCi/L) 2.134
Inorganic Contaminants-
Antimony (ppb) 0.188
Arsenic (ppb) 0.924
Barium (ppm) 0.0315
Fluoride (ppm) 0.956
Lead (point of entry) (ppb) 4.13
Mercury (ppb) 0.009
Nickel (ppb) 1.45
Nitrite (as Nitrogen) (ppm) ND
Selenium (ppb) 2.26
Sodium (ppm) 86.249
Thallium (ppb) 1.54
Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts-
Chlorine (ppm) 1.12
Haloacetic Acids (five) (HAA5) (ppb) N/A
TTHM [Total Trihalomethanes] (ppb) N/A
Lead and Copper (Tap Water)-
Copper (ppm) 0.137
Lead (ppb) 2.37
Secondary Contaminants-
Odor (threshold odor number) 4
Sulfate (ppm) 255
Total Dissolved Solids (ppm) 686

Can you help me with the amount of resin and eventual programming?

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Are you primarily concerned with minimizing salt usage or water usage?

Do you often use multiple fixtures at once?

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