Is aqua really blue?

princesssusanMarch 30, 2009

I have looked at nearly every brand, shade, hue of aqua.

I keep leaning towards the aqua that is mainly blue. I love it but was wondering if that is okay with my coral, or does it need be more on the green side?

Painting starts Wednesday, so I need to make my final choice. (Does that ever really happen)

I appreciate all and every opinion.

Colors I like:

Behr, Aqua Spray 500a-3

Valspar Harbor Aqua SR1101

valspar Crystal Aqua 5006-78

valspar Sea Kiss 5005-9c

SW Spa sw6765

sw pool blue 6944

sw belize 6945

glidden island shores 88gg

They are all pretty much in the same color category, but would like opinions.



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Aqua is blue with a touch of green. Teal is green with some blue added. Blue and orange are opposites on the color wheel so they work well together. Coral is a form of orange and aqua is a form of blue. But if you want to go toward green that is fine too. Pick what you like.

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Aqua that leans toward blue will be lovely with coral.
Any of the colors in the ocean look wonderful with coral, particularly the ones you see in the tropics, where the water ranges from almost emerald to the color of a star sapphire.
So I second threedgrad's advice. Pick what you like!

Here is a link that might be useful: Caribbean seawater

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I love, love, love the aqua that leans more to the blue side. I think aqua by definition is a blue-green, but there are myriad shades in that spectrum that fit the definition. I believe an aqua-leaning-to-blue hue would be absolutely stunning with your coral.

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I've used several shades of aqua (master bedroom/bath, sunporch, and foyer, currently posting about latter). After testing quite a few, I found I needed to go much grayer than I thought. The color I used in the bed/bath looks almost gray on the chip until you compare it to other shades to see the undertones. It is definitely a very true soft spa blue/aqua shade on the wall. I think you can go dark or light with blue or green undertones, but I would definitely encourage you to look for a shade more subtle than you think you want. My first four attempts went quite psychedelic on me, and I love color and have lots of it in my house!

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Equest, any names of the colors you picked or pictures? I am currently looking for blue and greens with aqua or ocean connotations for bed bath and kitchen.

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I looked at some of the same ones you listed above at Lowe's (the valspar brand). I ended up with River Mist and like it very much. I had tried a more subdued one, but it was tooo subdued ( as in drab) and like the liveliness of the river mist.

Here is a link that might be useful: interesting paint blog I found with pix

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Thank you sheilaaus, that blog was very interesting. I will check out river mist...

Equest, do you have any pics?


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My bathroom has Glidden Island Shores plus 2 more Aqua colors from the same strip, Cool Dip and Tropical Tides. All three are very pretty. I would say the Cool Dip is a blueish green and the other 2 are more blue. Cool dip is pale. I painted the ceiling with CD and you could not even see it until I added a small crown molding painted with Behr Ultra Pure White. The only other place I used the CD was for the sink cabinet.
I really love all three colors, but the Cool Dip is my's really luscious looking!

The bathroom has a 5 1/2 inch molding rail about 2/3 of the way up the wall and I have bead board cabinets. I could not afford to do beadboard for the bottom portion of the walls. We bought a new counter top for the sink cabinet, new faucet and light fixtures, all new wall fixtures, plus shower curtain, towels and accessories. We rent this house, it's not ours. The bottom portion of the wall is painted in Behr Fudge Bar.

It's a pretty room and we like it.

Good luck!


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I do have pictures; sorry about the large size, I havenÂt had time to resize.

The bedroom and bathroom are BM Mount Saint Anne. ItÂs hard to capture the true color in photos, and the shade varies throughout the day. ItÂs a perfect blue-gray-green color for me. It's hard to say which of the three photos is closest; it's almost all of these shades depending on lighting. I wasn't going for a beach theme on purpose, but after getting the color on the wall, I think it would definitely work for an elegant, subtle take on the coastal look.

I used something very close to SW Moody Blue as an accent in the foyer on the photo mats (and maybe later on the candlesticks, based on the feedback IÂm getting ;-). I had a test quart of Interesting Aqua left over from the bedroom which I didnÂt like there, so I had SW take it as close to Moody Blue (next on the paint chip) as they could; it turned out a bit grayer than the true chip, but itÂs perfect in my foyer.

The sunporch is accented with BM Stratton Blue in the lower "reverse wainscoting" panels. I picked it out of the fabric I used for the curtains. ItÂs very hard to capture; itÂs neither as bright as the first photo (with flash) nor as subdued as the second (no flash).

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Thank you Equest.
You have a lovely home and the colors are wonderful. Isn't it amazing how colors change with lighting?

Island Shores is on my list. Do you have any pics?

Thank you all for helping me so much.

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I tried to find some inspiration pics for all the colors above but I was unsuccessful. However, here are a couple I did find and a few others I thought you might be interested in.

Valspar's Crystal Aqua found by Google search at

SW's Belize found by Google search at

SW's Tide Water by GW's PrincessGrandMommy

SW Aqueduct found at

SW Aqueduct #2

SW Rainwashed found at

The rest are inspiration photos I've had saved but I don't remember from where!

BM Woodlawn Blue

BM Waterfall

BM Waterfall #2

BM Blue Wave

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Equest, I love the Mount Saint Anne! I am considering using either that or Beach Glass (one color up) for my bedroom. The adjoining bathroom will be in either Imperial Gray or Raindance (the colors on the next strip over, which is a tad greener). I think those two strips are my favorite strips in all of "paintdom". (Boy I need a life!)

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At the risk of overkill... can you stand another aqua-ish suggestion? I have jsut finished painting the walls and am working on the trim so please pardon the mess in the room..... The color is BM Turquoise Mist

(clickable thumbnails)

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I painted my guestroom EK Oasis which turns out to be an exact match to SW waterscape, it's a very subtle Aqua. Every time I walk in that room it makes me happy. It's an 11 x 12 room and I painted the ceiling the same color as the walls. Because of the way the light hits the ceiling it looks slightly darker than the walls especially in the corners. I love it! Wood work is BM White Dove.

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Caliloo, it's absolutely wonderful !!

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Sewnice-haven't you heard? Ellen says prayers & visualizes EK-painted spaces creating joy and balance! See her "Happy Paint" blog post of 06/25/08. (wink)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ellen Kennon's blog

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