Do you have one of these faucets?

mel1001March 1, 2014

I'm having a really tough time deciding on a faucet. I think I've read every (conflicting) review out there, but I'm wondering if any of you have any of these high arc, pull-down faucets---and if so---how have they held up? I have narrowed it down to the Moen Brantford or the Delta Cassidy. I also liked the look of the Moen Anabelle and the Kohler Bellera but those seem to have some fairly negative reviews. Would love to hear feedback on any of these four faucets. Also, do any of you have any thoughts on Moen's "spot free finish" stainless vs. their classic stainless? And thank you!

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We have the Moen Arbor MotionSense and I love it. It us one of my favorite things in the new kitchen. It's only been in about 3 months so I do not have much historical info for you. I have not found spots to be a problem with the spot-free finish. Does well for us. I love the pull down sprayer. The Arbor sprayer has an easy push button on the sprayer to switch between the spray or stream. Push and let go, in fact, if you push and hold it will actually stop all water until you let go. I read about people who were frustrated with their sprayers that required you to turn the water off and then back on to disengage the spray. The Arbor sprayer allows you to toggle/switch back and forth as you wish. The head retracts cleanly and easily. And the motion feature... Love. It. No touching required. Again, limited historical data for you, but in terms of features we are very happy.

Edited to note that I'm sorry I can't comment on the exact Moen you are looking for, but hoped to share info on the brand in general. Please forgive if it's not truly helpful. :)

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I just put the Moen Brantford in Classic Stainless in an office remodel kitchen.

Really impressed with it. I purchased it because I like my 8 yr old Moen Aberdeen so much that I have at home, but I didn't want to spend as much.

The Brantford seats better and has a pivot mechanism that my older Aberdeen doesn't have. The button to change the stream is more substantial.

Very nice faucet that looks better than the picture. I got mine at Amazon.

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I really appreciate both of your comments! I think I am leaning toward the Brantford. I've been considering the Delta because everyone raves about the magnet holding the pull-down in place. I have a 14 (Yikes!) year old Moen right now that works--but it does droop. I'm sure the technology is so much better now. Anyway---It does really help to get real life info!

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Thanks for the kind words, Mel. FYI, our Moen has the counterweight under the sink. If it seems like it is not retracting the way I'd like I can move the counterweight up so that there is more "pull" on the retract. I think that helps although the magnet in the actual spout would be great too.

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