Question for Hansgrohe Talis S faucet owners

wi-sailorgirlMarch 1, 2013

My Hansgrohe Talis S faucet arrived yesterday. Two things about it were unexpected:

1. The lever on the one I received cannot be mounted in front. It just doesn't line up. Now I didn't specifically look for that in the description, because I just assumed that all Talis S faucets could be mounted that way. Incidentally, I'm not sure that's how we will mount it but part of the reason I got this faucet was to reserve that option because we got a huge sink and I worry that we may have to mount it that way to clear the window behind it.

2. The "arm" of the faucet is incredibly loose. I picked up the faucet out of the box and it was flopping all over the place. There is no resistance at all. Every other faucet I've had is easy to move the arm (I'm not sure what to call the part, but the main part of the faucet), but you have to consciously push it with your hand. Is that normal and something that will tighten up after installation or did I get a defective faucet?

I bought it from, which had pretty good reviews on here.

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Being annoying and bumping hoping to get some feedback before this post falls to the wasteland that is page 3.

I will say that I asked at several vendors and all said this faucet cannot be mounted with the lever in front so they must have changed something in the design since those of you who have done it that way got yours. I have to figure out if that's a deal breaker.

Would still like comments on the sloppiness issue.

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ours moves pretty easy, but it doesnt flop all of the place.
where ever i leave it, it stays...
i hope that answers your question.
if it was "flopping all over" when it came out of the box, i dont know about it.. DH installed and he doesn't remember. i would think it would tighten upon installation.

ours has been installed over year and a half and have had no issues with it and would buy again.

our handle is on the right side..bought it knowing that and had no intention of a different mount


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Hi wi-sailorgirl, did you install your Talis S yet? Would love to know if the handle can be mounted in front or not. Otherwise, I'll go with the Hansgrohe 34822 Axor Citterio M. Ugh, I really need to have decided already.

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Well I called and (at their direction) Hansgrohe directly. Hansgrohe told me that the floppiness is a known issue and that they could send me a part or a different faucet. Since we're not ready to install the faucet for a couple weeks yet, we're going to get a new one.

I did find out that it cannot be mounted with the handle in front. Seems they've made a change to the design (that's my guess as the Hansgrohe person seemed to be clueless that it ever could be mounted with the handle in front). The specs say the spout can rotate 150 degrees and I was told that if I want a faucet that has the handle in front I need to look for one that has a spout that rotates 360 degrees. I'm bummed about that.

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So I just found a Talis on Amazon that swivels 360 degrees. There are so many models of the same faucet, I don't understand it. I'm not sure if that has magnetic docking or not though (that seemed to be one feature that some models didn't have). Anyway, is you want the Talis, just make sure you look for one with a 360 degree swivel spout. I obviously did that wrong.

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Hi Wi-Sailorgirl.

I did not have any trouble with floppiness on either of my two Hansgrohe Talis S high arc faucets.

As you know, both of my faucets are turned the lever facing front. I, too, was very confused about which specific faucet to order because there are a few models that are described almost identically and appear to be the same. In the end I decided that one that swiveled 360ð was probably better than one that didn't. I guess I got really lucky in that regard. I do so love my faucets.

I'm very sorry you're dealing with this. I wish I had known about which models could be frontwardly installed previously and could have warned you about it knowing that you were looking at the same faucet. Is there any way for you to exchange the model you have for the one that can be installed facing front? Is the price the same?

I know it's no consolation, but at least now we can warn others about which model to purchase if they plan to install front facing. :)

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Well I think it will turn out fine. After further inspection, on the one that I got (model No. 14877801), the handle only moves forward. So the hottest position is with the handle vertical and all the way cold is pointed straight at you, so it will work mounted to the side for us. I think I would have preferred to mount it forward, like Breezy's, but the mister says he would prefer it to the side and he's the main dish washer. I do not argue with the the main dish washer lest I become the main dish washer.

Still, we're going to get a new one because of the floppiness issue. Homeperfect still hasn't called me back to say they've issued a call tag for it which is a little irritating, but at least I'm not in a huge hurry for the faucet.

I tell ya ... if it's not the big picture that does you in on a kitchen reno, it's the details!

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Amen to the comment about the little details!

I will mention one more consideration with the placement of the control lever. With a very deep sink front to back like I have and you are planning, placing the lever to the side means quite a long reach when operating it. When I was rubbing some sticker goo off the side of the cleanup sink faucet where the lever would have been placed, I noticed a distinct difference on my back having to reach that far. To experiment, I stool normally and role played turning the faucet on and off a few times from the side. Even though I'm tall-ish at 5'8", I had to actually lean a bit inwards to reach the faucet, which I know would have bothered my back over time. I'm sure I would have gotten used to the reach, but I'm still very glad I don't have to do that on a daily basis when using my cleanup sink. I call the fact that I was forced to do front placement, to which I was initially opposed, a blessing in disguise for me.

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wi-sailorgirl - I was looking at the Hansgrohe 14877801 too. When I contacted, I was told that the handle could be mounted in front. I wanted to do this after I saw breezygirl's pictures. Thank you for the update though and letting me know about the change in design. It's so helpful to have this information before I make my purchase!

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Very interesting, Iris.

I have two of the 06801000 linked below, although I only paid $317 for mine instead of the price on this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hansgrohe Talis S high arc 06801000

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Oh no Breezy! I figured I would go with the Citterio M after seeing the Talis S handle couldn't be mounted in front. I was actually relieved that a decision was made for me by default. Now you've brought the Talis S back into play and I'm back to decision paralysis, LOL. This is getting absurd and everyone's tired of me asking about faucets...sigh...

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It should not be this hard to figure out a faucet! These are the kinds of things that send people into a TKO 12-step program!

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Sorry, Iris! Just trying to help. :-/

Wi--I completely agree. In fact, once posted a thread when I was totally fed....up....with so many details and subs on my house reno and thought I would lose my mind. The title was something about how there must be a special subset of AA he!! for TKOs working on a reno.

Plumbing fixtures were one of THE worst decisions for me in the reno, but not the kitchen. The master bath with seperate walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and confusing valve options and a soaking tub with its own faucet setup issues just about did me in. I could not wrap my brain around all the terms and possibilities, let alone pick a style I liked. I'm getting cold sweats just thinking about it now. And I wanted to put a rope around my ineffectual, lying, lazy, unknowledgeable plumber to strangle him. I waited months too long to fire him. Hmmm....maybe this is why I've been avoiding finishing the master bath!

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OK, this is sort of an unrelated follow-up if that makes any sense. Thought this might be of some help to some people but not worth it's own thread.

So I mentioned I purchased this faucet (and the matching beverage faucet, which honestly was the reason I picked the faucet in the first place ... I wanted them to match) from They had the best price on the beverage faucet by far and the best price on the kitchen faucet by maybe $25. I do this all the time ... I buy it from the cheapest place without regard to anything else.

I mentioned that I had to call the manufacturer. I was a little irritated about this because I feel like that's something the company I bought it from should handle as I was sent a defective faucet (I bought my last faucet from Faucet Depot and they dealt with Delta for me when there were issues). However, Hansgrohe was very nice and told me to tell homeperfect to issue an RGA and send me a new faucet.

That was last Monday. The rep I was working with said he'd send me directions on what to do in 30 minutes. No call or email came.

I called back Wednesday and he said he was waiting for his manager to do something related to this. He would send me information within two days.

Friday comes, no info. I called and my rep I was working with wasn't there. Initially I was told no one else could help me but I got to a manager when I raised a fuss (it is extremely difficult to speak with anyone at homeperfect unless you know their extension or go through the "sales" option). The manager told me there was nothing in my account that suggested anyone had even started the process of getting me a new faucet. Said he put in the request and that I would hear back by this Tuesday (tomorrow).

All of this is ridiculous. Thank goodness I don't need my faucet right now. At this point I'd rather not even do business with this company but if I return the faucet I'll get hit with a 25% restocking fee and if I try to return it because it is defective I have to fill out an online form and then wait "up to 30 days" for a return authorization.

Anyway ... just a little aside to the ongoing faucet issue.

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