Cleaning out pvc deck and lawn drains

bigfoot2008March 20, 2011

I recently bought a house which has outside drainage problems. In heavy rain, it backs up into the garage, and almost into the house.

There are PVC drains for the pool deck and the lawn. They were poorly designed and we will probably have to replace some of them.

However, the real problem is all of the stuff which has gotten into the drains. I'm guessing they had some missing 3" drain covers. I have pulled out: a plastic easter egg, several toy cars, lots of pine cones, gravel that's an inch or more across, and assorted other toys and debris.

So far, I have gotten things out by reaching as far as I could into the drains, and by using a toilet plunger on the clogged drains during heavy rain. Aggressively using the plunger often bring things like toys all the way out of the drain. But I'm quite sure there is more large stuff in there. Any idea how to get it out? This is 3 and 4 inch PVC. The longer runs are about 25 feet between drains. Most of them are buried under concrete decks.

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You may be able to push loose debris out by using a garden how with the water on as high as it goes as a snake.

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