Laminate flooring in kit seems damp

love-my-lilhomeMarch 12, 2011

I wasn't sure where to post this.

In flooring, disasters, plumbing or the throw myself on the floor and cry post!

The laminate flooring in my kitchen is bucking up at the seams, looks like it is poofed up with air(?) at some seams and feels cold and even a little damp to my socks.

I don't have an ice maker, I don't hear a leak nor do I see a leak anywhere.

I don't have any water pressure in my sink but don't know if that has any thing to do with anything.

Any thoughts anyone?

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What is under the floor, crawlspace, basement? What kind of subfloor do you have? Are you air conditioning or heating now? What kind of climate are you in? Is this a new floor? If so, what was there before?

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ionized thank you for the questions.
Crawlspace, subflooring is questionable since I wasn't here when laminate was laid 9 years or so ago.
I have gas heat but keep the thermostat at 69* always.Am in Ky and we have fairly mild winters.
But lots of rain this winter.
I think the laminate was probably laid over vinyl but just not sure.
I said no leak but thats another thing I'm not sure about.
I listened but didn't crawl under the house.
Guess I will have to bite the bullet and call in some one.
I guess I was just wanting an easy

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I was exploring the possibility that you have condensation forming under the laminate due to cooler air inside and warmer humid air outside, but that does not seem likely in KY in March.

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Found the culprit! Hot water heater in utility has been leaking foooooooorever evidently.
Under flooring and subfloor also in bad shape.
Ca-ching ca-ching. Ins will cover damage but my deductable
still looms.
I will say laminate flooring is great because it had been leaking for a long time before it started coming up.
Thanks ionized.

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