Freestanding Tub w/o Overflow Installation Help

pat2katMarch 4, 2012

We have a freestanding tub that does not have an overflow -- as is true of a lot of freestanding tubs these days. Our plumber, however, is unsure about what drain to use to install it. Has anyone here installed such a tub? If so, any advice?

Installation instructions are of little help. Internet searches turn up references to "straight shoes" and "straight drains." Some also say that this sort of installation requires access from below -- which would be possible if necessary.

Finally, I'm wondering if the best option would be using a stopper instead of a lift-and-turn or toe kick drain, because that would make it easier to clean the drain if need be. We will be using the tub primarily for soaking after a long day or gardening, so it won't be used everyday.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd use the same type of drain that I would for a laundry tub, with a stopper.

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better to ask on forum with real plumbers?
no overflow seems risky.
if the drain hole in tub bottom is close enough to a sidewall of the tub, i wonder if a doorknob holesaw can "bore" (but tub finish may chip) a hole into tub sidewall for overflow?
without overflow, I'd want a floordrain nearby. and maybe recess the floor under the tub? OTOH, an accidental flood shouldn't be so disastrous if this bathroom is on garage slab floor that drains out garage door.

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The make a special drain assembly that has a standard tub shoe under the drain which is connected to a tee on the drain line. On the top of that tee where there would normally be a riser for the overflow there is a removable cap that is used as a cleanout.

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Thank you all for the ideas. We'll look for the special tub shoe.

And, yes, we are considering a drain with a stopper rather than a life-and-turn or toe activated mechanism. Given that, having the cleanout as part of the special shoe might be a good bonus.

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