Cheapest way to get reliable water test for hardness and iron?

amateurplumberMarch 12, 2013

Anyone know? I cant find anywhere that's not very expensive, and the home testing kits all seem awful. Thanks!

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You can purchase Hach titration kits. They are good, and reliable. They are available online or at your local hot tub/pool supply store. A word of caution: If you hated lab time in high school chemistry, you may not be successful at performing these tests.

You could call local water treatment folks to have them come out and provide you with a quote for a softener. They should do those two tests at a minimum. pH, TDS, sulfides, alkalinity, and manganese are some that they may not do, but that you should know as well. If you live with well water, you also want to know bacteria and nitrates.

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which ones??? they are lots on Hachs web site.....
thank you

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