Guilty holiday food pleasures?

angelaidDecember 7, 2012

I buy a box of chocolate covered cherries every Christmas season. I only eat a couple of them, but I have to buy them. I buy a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream every Christmas season. Have to have Bailey's and coffee when we are out looking at Christmas lights. Don't drink it any other time. In fact, I'll have to look, I might still have some left from last year. LOL

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I make my Dad's old fashion crumbly fudge. I only make it once a year at Christmas. DH makes his Grandmother's Chocolate Linzertorte filled with home made raspberry jam. We have it with coffee Christmas morning. Then for dessert, repeat. It doesn't last more than a couple of days. Of course there is eggnog with rum (more like rum with eggnog - lol).

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Buttah, mo' buttah, and mo' buttah - for cookies, cakes, quick breads, yeast breads and the once a year Cinnamon Babka. I've got 1 1/2 pounds in the frig and plan to buy more tomorrow. At least it will keep and can even be frozen.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Oh that's nothing Teresa! I don't feel comfortable unless I have 4 pounds in the freezer.
Generally, cheese is my weakness. Good cheese, I can eat a wedge in a weekend. But I only buy it at Christmas. Could care less about desserts although I like sweets very much.

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My worst is probably eggnog, and so it's probably a good thing that they only sell it seasonally. I read the ingredients before I buy it and make sure it does not have HFCS, and I never buy the light version. Sometimes I will even add more cream to it. I generally drink it with a dash of nutmeg or allspice plus a splash of Frangelico and some spiced rum, which we are out of at the moment, even though we have eggnog in the fridge.

I frequently make chocolate turtles and toffee during the holidays, but I give most of it away. I plan to make more turtles if I can get enough space cleared away in the freezer this week-end - I make them in a silicon Madeleine mold, and they are quite labor intensive but look impressive (at least to me!). I make this because I think they are pretty. The toffee is a lot easier to make but less attractive, and so I eat more of that.


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All of them :)
Cookies, cookies, cookies and more cookies! I bake a ton of them. I eat a lot of them. I also make fudge. Of course I have to do quality control on that too. Then, there's the breads. Hmmmm.... have to have something to wash that down with. So please pass the eggnog spiked with rum.

....and I wonder why I gain weight!

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I buy a 2 lb. wheel of Brie to bake for Christmas Eve because we have quite a few people. I don't feel guilty though. It's so rich I can't eat too much of it.

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Heavy cream for my coffee! but it kills my stomach, so I only have a little around the holidays. :)

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We don't have people over, we don't have open houses or holiday parties and since we're both retired this year there won't be office parties either.

We'll have one dinner with his family, one with mine. The only indulgence I'll have to watch is the cookies. I always bake craftyrn's cuccidati and those 3 layered Rainbow Cookies. Oh, and Sheshebop's Santa cookies with the walnut filling, some chocolate fudge, divinity (for Mother, of course, LOL). This year I'd like to try some turtles and toffee too.....

Good thing I give most of those goodies away. I don't care for eggnog or any kind of liquor, so I'm good there. I'm not a fan of cheese, so I'm good there. Don't leave that chocolate fudge, though, or I'll be having it for breakfast with coffee!


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Angelaid, I'm with you on the chocolate covered cherries. In fact, I have a box sitting on the computer table next to the one I'm using and I have a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream in the kitchen. I absolutely love eggnog and have already had a quart of it and am now out. I don't add anything to it, just pure eggnog. I usually bake lots of cookies and breads then make fudge and almond bark treats, but this year it will be cut down. I think I'll be spending Christmas in Florida with family and friends and don't take enough in the motorhome to do a lot of holiday baking.

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I buy a two-pound wheel of blue cheese from Iowa and keep a hunk out on the counter so I can nibble whenever I choose.

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I've eliminated so many of the traditional goodies (or baddies) we once indulged in, but I still make a batch of Mamie Eisenhower's Million Dollar Fudge (which is about the only time I use white sugar these days). I serve it on a commemorative plate my sister gave me with Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower on it.

I also buy one box of chocolate covered cherries. My grandfather (from Vancouver, B.C., Canada) would bring a box with him when he came to visit us in Kansas, so he started that tradition.


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I go through 6 lbs. of butter for Christmas cookies (give a lot away on trays, but still!).

Then there are the rum balls, chocolate covered cherries, and my personal weakness - maple sugar leaves. Horrors!

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A really good German Marzipan candy bar.
Covered in dark chocolate.

My Grandfather used to send them,
From Germany,
Every year for Christmas.

It was a very special treat.
And still is,
When I can find them.


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It will be a great dessert for me to bring to a party for everyone to enjoy.

I have 40 Twinkies coming to me.

That's right, Twinkies! When was the last time you had one?


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Everything I want. I plan pies and cookies and cake. We will be 3-4 for Christmas so I'm thinking of red-cooked duck. Or black cod with miso. Or both. Why not, it's the holidays.

I always get DH a box of Recchiuti fleur de sel chocolate caramels which is his alone, but this year I also got the fleur de sel caramel sauce. I need to think of something good to go with it - perhaps simple crepes?

I feel no guilt whatsoever.


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Eggnog. I'll buy it once, usually a quart. DH and I both love it so we have to be careful, lol. I'll also buy a small bottle of brandy to add a little to my coffee or cocoa and to use in the occasional recipe. It often lasts beyond the season. I used to go nuts over hot buttered rum...the mix, not just the drink. I'd start eating it out of the carton, so I had to stop buying that!

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Bourbon Punch

How bad can heavy cream, light cream, sugar, vanilla and bourbon be for you if you only make it once a year?

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Wedding crescent cookies, thumbprints, anything with butter. Also bread pudding with rum sauce and bourbon pecan pie. Also pork pie. All the naughty things. Except for eggnog. I can't stomach that stuff.

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Egg nog martinis, and Tourtieres. I could just smear them on my thighs cause thats where they end up but it's more fun to drink the martinis and eat the pie! LOL.

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Bread sauce. I was introduced to it by MIL and now I always make like a quadruple batch so there will be plenty of leftovers :-) I can eat it by the spoonful :-)
And my Christmas baking shopping list has 8lbs of butter :-)

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If I can find fresh kidney beef suet, I make the family Cornish pasties using a suet crust for Christmas dinner.
And I make saffron buns.....just bought some saffron while on vacation. (Not the kind from Trader Joe's.)

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BTW, although I don't drink eggnog, DH does, and he never drinks it all. But I found it makes GREAT french toast!! I decided to try it instead of making my own egg-wash on it and it is easy and yummy, has all the ingredients in it already to dip the bread in. A good way to use it up.

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Peppermint bark popcorn! Making a batch this afternoon. I'll try to give most of it away, so I don't eat it all myself. (p.s., I'm a purist. I don't do the chocolate drizzle over it.)

For Christmas Eve, we will have all sorts of party food that I don't fix any other time of the year. The headliner is Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake recipe here

Here is a link that might be useful: Peppermint Bark Popcorn

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Latkes for my Jewish side. I just can't justify the mess and time more than once a year. BF is a cheesecake junkie but he only gets to justify his addiction at holiday times. Eggnog too, but we do the soy kind and rather like it. Regular eggnog was always too rich and cloying for my taste anyway. Before I became lactose sensitive I thinned it with 2% milk. And ditto the chocolate covered cherries! Wish BF would get me some for Valentine's day! As it is I have to snag them when I visit friends' houses at the holidays. Mom always insisted on fudge and stollen, but she is diabetic now and can't do fudge. I always found fudge to be too rich for my taste, but I'm trying to start a tradition of making my own stollen. Don't know if I will be able to do it this year as I have been sick with the flu.
If it were up to me I would make those great rolled cookies with the set of Christmas cookie cutters I inherited from my Grandmother, and I would have a lot of fun frosting and decorating them. Probably not going to happen this year, I'm sick with flu and too busy. I'm posting a photo of some I made two years ago with my best friends at our cookie decorating party. My best friend died suddenly ten months later. She was alive and vibrant one day and gone the next, from a massive brain hemmorage. I miss her tons still. Glad we always enjoyed our times together when we had them!

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