some random pics of my danes

NinapearlAugust 29, 2011

bentley is taking up where ashley left off. she LOVED to sleep in patches of sunlight.

did somebody say ice cream??

stuffies make the BEST pillows!

oh hai!

i am pretty girl. :)

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Lovely pics, as usual ... when I was leaving work Friday I watched a woman pick up her dane from the local doggie day care.

She lifted the back door of her SUV, leaned down and picked up her dane's front paws and put them on the back of the car, and then went around and lifted the backlegs and got her dog into her SUV. I thought of you! LOL!

And was thinking of my poor back .... had to help my old husky/lab mix get into the vehicle near the end of his life .. whatever it took to go for a car ride though!

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:) pam, i can so relate! even though my back was out of whack much of the last couple of years, i always made sure ashley got in for a car ride. always got her in one way or the other. when it got to be too much after my back surgery this past april, i traded for a mini van that made it easier for my old girl.

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I think that your are a very kindly soul for giving your lovely Bentley a bed of his own.

Your dogs are GORGEOUS.

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why, thank you ever so much! actually, they have 2 full sized innerspring mattresses on the floor where they sleep at night and when i am gone a couple of days a week.

i have a twin sized mattress/box spring right next to them. sometimes we all share a bed and it's usually MINE! can you spell c-r-o-w-d-e-d? LOL

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Only a dog person would understand that whether and how a dog fits into a vehicle is enough reason to purchase a particular model. My mother traded in a four month old mercury for a station wagon when we got our dane. LOL. He immediately chose the middle section and I had to ride backwards in the jumpseats.

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Have to show some updated photos of my kids:

My silly dogs Lily & Rocky: (Lily was shaved for the summer)

Rocky sleeping ... not something he does very often!!!

Lily and Bailey the cat hanging out ... it was too hot to be really close to each other:

Bailey in the dog crate ... yes he's a big guy, 20.5 lbs.

Lily & Rocky, before Lily was shaved, waiting for me to get off the computer!

Rocky & Figaro ...

Bailey & Figaro

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Nina, great pics of the pups!!

Pam, what a nice herd you have there!! LOL Rocky has really become a member of the family. I remember the difficulties you had before you got him. He's a keeper!!

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pam, love the pics! they look like a lazy bunch o' critters! LOL

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murraysmom - he really has become a member of the family, he & Lily are inseparable. He's definitely a keeper.

nina - the only time I can get good photos is when the are sleeping, otherwise they're too quick!

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