help on check valve configuration for backup sump pump

clermont_ohioMarch 2, 2011

I bought a battery backup sump pump and need to know how to proceed on the check valve configuration. The current A/C pump has a check valve, but it's about 5 feet off the floor and the discharge line is bracketed to the wall. Discharge comes out of pit about 2 feet above floor before 90 deg. bend takes it to the wall. About another 3 feet up is the check valve.

I understand that if the main pump did not have a check valve prior to installing the backup, one needs to be put in for both pumps and the connection of the two discharge lines occurs above the check valves.

So I see 3 options, please let me know what is best, unacceptable, or offer another.

1) the one CV already in place is sufficient. Create a new discharge for backup sump and join the two about a foot or two from the floor.

2) cut the main discharge about a foot from the floor, install a CV for each pump and join the two above the CVs. Thus there will be 3 CVs in the configuration.

3) create new discharge for backup including a new check valve, cut the main discharge above its CV and join the two lines above the main CV.

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OK, option 1 is not really an option. I guess I would prefer option 2 as long as there is no harm in having an extra check valve in the mix.

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