Aerobic Septic System Leach Field Question

wlburgessMarch 28, 2014

I have an aerobic septic system with sprinkler heads in my yard. I want to build a small shed near where the sprinkler goes off at night. Any distance I need to stay away? Any reason why I shouldn't build a shed there? The shed would be about 25 feet from the sprinkler head. It may get wet when its really windy. (everyday in Oklahoma)


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I wouldn't deprive myself of a needed shed because of it but it would be better for the sheds longivity if it wasn't wet year around. I would build the shed where it works for me then move one or more heads. You might also consider part circle head(s) to redirect water. Since the shed will be in proximity of humid enviroment,I would alow good air circulation beneath it ( and hope a twister doesn't get under it, LOL )

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