How to make a hole in Granite bigger?

brownnugenMarch 23, 2014

I have a new bathroom counter top with a 1 1/4" hole for the faucet. I have a new 3 hole faucet and tried to install it today. I didn't realize that the faucet requires an opening of 1 3/8" and the existing hole is 1 1/4". What is the most cost-effective way to make the hole a little bigger? I've already tried using a step bit on a drill, using a metal file, but have not had any success.

I noticed some "diamond tool drill bits" on ebay for around $18 and was wondering if that tool that will get the job done (I wasn't sure if I am allowed to link to ebay on here). When I called HD, they said they had a bit for about $60. I will probably only use this thing once, so I don't want to spend more money than really needed. These can be used on a regular 1 1/2" drill, correct?


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If the faucet is a 4" center-set, only the two outside holes need to be 1-3/8. If a wide spread, then all three.

It's time consuming, but LOWES sells a sanding tool designed to sand the inside of holes that fits a regular drill chuck and various grit discs.

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Thanks, it is a wide spread. The 2 knobs for the hot/cold water fits the existing holes just fine, but the middle hole for the actual center piece is noticeably too small. When I tried to install it, it seemed like it would fit if there weren't threads.

When you say time consuming, are we talking like a few hours or more? How would the sanding tool compare to the 1 3/8" hole saw (I don't know what it is really called)made for granite?

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Sorry, double post

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More iike 30min and two or three coarse disks.

The hole saws are generally an abrasive unless a masonry bit and that size would need a SDS roto-hammer. The abrasive bit has a 1/4 masonry bit as a pilot and would need a wood dowel to be inserted in the hole to prevent wander.

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I tried looking for the sanding kit you were referring to on Lowe's website but couldn't find it. Do you have a link to it?

While I was searching, I saw this hole saw kit (search for "Blue Hawk Diamond Hole Saw Kit"

Would that work for what I need to do?

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Hawk Diamond Hole Saw Kit

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That kit is as I described and requires a dowel be placed the hole for the pilot.

Re: LOWES; I purchase mine last week, however, it's a common tool sold at ACE, TRUE VALUE and MENARDS as well.

This is what the attachment looks like, however, those at the venders I listed will vary and keep in mind, this is a professional kit, not a homeowners:

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IMO you need to grind that hole larger - you are only talking about 1/16" around the circumfrence.

Even if you plug the existing hole (so the drill will center) the difference in the hardness of the wood and granite, will cause the hole saw to wander to one side or another.

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