what's wrong with my sprinkler?

julieabc_2010March 24, 2010

My sprinkler system is Rain Bird ESP-TM. It does not work now. When it is time to water the lawn, the controller displays zone 1's minutes count down to 0, then zone 2's minutes count down to 0, and so on until the last zone. But none of the sprinkler head from any zone comes up. Of course not water is sprinkled either.

What's wrong with my sprinkler system? How can I fix it? Any help is highly appreciated.


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If there is a main shut off valve to your sprinkler system, check that first.

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Thanks. That is the reason. Last fall, my waterbill rose abnormally. In order to test if there is a leak, I turned on and off every switch. Apparently, I forgot to turn on the main valve for sprinkler system.

I am happy that my sprinkler is good. Thanks again.

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I have a Hunter system with one zone not working. I manually turned on the zone but nothing. I also have water in my control box outside where the valves are located. Any simple fixes or should I call repair? Other zonez work.

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