Illegal? Ran 1/2' pipe for outside hose bib

soundstage28March 4, 2012

I feel stupid even posting this. Why I never learn with these guys....

Had a neighbor who hired a landscaper (NOT a licensed plumber) to put in an irrigation valve. While chatting with him I mentioned I could use another hose bib on the other side of the house.

As it's a slab foundation he ran copper pipe from front of house, off main entrance line to house, around to side of house. About 50' - I paid the guy $550.00, which I thought high but knew copper is very expensive these days.

Here comes the dumb part. I couldn't figure out why it was so loud and pressure so-so when I used this hose bib. Duh. Finally occurred to me, weeks later, he used 1/2" pipe!! - In my mind it was an obvious rip off to save money on copper pipe. At the end he put a 1/2" to 3/4" conversion so my 3/4" hose could be screwed on, which shows me even more he knew he was scamming me.

My questions:

1) This was done completely wrong, right?

2) Is this a code violation in California?

I know the guy is going to dance when I confront him, so hoping you folks can give me some help. Learned my lesson, finally, on using unlicensed contractors. Thanks in advance. Truly appreciated!

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A 1/2" line is the correct size for a hose bibb however tapping into the main supply line is illegal.

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I need to correct my previous post...

The house in question is built on a slab so the house Main Water Shutoff Valve may be inside the house or it may be outside within 3' of the point where the line enters the footer wall.

If the house Main Water Shutoff Valve is outside, and if the line to the hose bibb was connected on the house side of the Main water shutoff valve it is okay,,

If it was connected to the house supply line before the house main water shutoff valve it is illegal.

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