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pandorathecatMarch 22, 2012

My bathroom faucet fixture was installed in 2008. The round drain plate that sits right on the sink (where the stopper rests to prevent water from going down the drain) is corroding faster than the rest of the faucet fixture. Overall, the fixture looks practically brand new while the round drain plate is starting to look very old. It's peeling, turning green and getting crusty around the edges. The corrosion was caused by water pooling around the plate.

Is it possible to replace just the round drain plate or do I have to replace the entire faucet fixture? Not that I would replace the entire thing at this point. I was wondering what my options would be in the future. The faucet model is Moen Kingsley, widespread, double lever handle if that helps.

Here is a picture of what I'm talking about. Sorry for the big size of the picture. Thanks for any replies.

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You can purchase the drain kits at any plumbing supply, or big box store. Not too difficult to change out in most cases.You do not have to change the faucet.

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Looks like a standard pop-up drain.

You can purchase just the drain even at a big-box store.

Many are Chinese made and not very high quality though.

I had one with a steel rod for the pop-up lever.

The rod rusted within few years, split the plastic ball it passed through to seal the lever, and leaked.
Luckily it was a tile floor so no major damage, just a badly installed pedestal sink by previous owner to work around.

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Thanks to both replies. It was a relief to hear that the plate can be purchased separately. I don't know what the plate is made of but it appears to have a faux stainless steel finish that doesn't seem to be able to stand up to corrosive water or even to the salt from my water softener. I have very hard water and need to be on a softener. Thanks again.

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